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Homemade Gift Ideas for Him for Valentine's Day

For those of you looking to make your Valentine’s Day special, nothing is better than making a gift for your partner. True they may not be as exotic as a gift you buy from a shop or made to order; yet these gifts will touch his heart is a way like nothing else will.

Because it cost you your time and love to create it… try these simple homemade gifts that show your appreciation, concern and care. Use these tried and tested methods, they are a sure hit and more so they show that the gift you give has been well thought of.

Most importantly it has been made especially for him.

  1. Knit a sweater: Men love it when you act womanly, so even if you live in a place where it is always hot, a sweater is a good gift. He can take it along on a holiday use it on cool winter evening or just remember that you made it especially for him. Today you get knitting material with simple instructions to follow and viol your personal sweater is ready. So just a pack and start knitting. Your man is sure to beam!

  2. Cook his favourite meal: Okay so you cook every day, what’s the big deal? The big deal it is if you make an elaborate meal, all with his favourite dishes. Use the special China reserved for guests and create the ambience. Don’t forget to dress well, and do not smell of the food you cooked! And then serve it to him. Make him feel like a king, with all your love and for sure he will give back to you all this adulation and much more.

  3. A Photo frame: How about making a collage of his favourite snaps. Get snaps of his ‘moments’ together, put them together and create a great colourful collage. It will bring in great memories and keep him cheerful... always. Make it a two way frame, one that can placed on a table or it can be hanged on a wall. This will give him choice of where he wants to keep it… the memories that will make his day. He will thank you as much for the gift as for your thoughtfulness into making it.

  4. Glass Painting: How about making an arty piece for his office? Even if he does not say so, a lovely piece that gets attentions is something he will love to show – off. My wife, partner made it for me... hum sounds nice to say. And unique it will be, for nothing else is available like this one. Even for those not much into painting get a modern glass painting kit, a tracing paper and get set to make some wonderful artwork.

  5. Create a pouch: Is there something he loves – an Ipad, a gaming set or his mobile phone. Why not make a cute little stand for it, a pouch that is a showpiece and is perfect to keep his stuff, when it is idle? It is really simple; you can even use a soft toy and recreate it into a pouch. Google for methods, instructions to make one and it will surely be  a handy and ‘made for him’ gift from you.

Homemade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

  1. Beer Mugs: This homemade gift may need some help, but it is really easy and he will love it. All you need is some good wood; you n also use an old box, piece of furniture that is lying idle. Then get a carpenter to shape them into mugs. Try to incorporate into it his tastes in terms of design and styling. Simply tie a red bow and present it to him; he is sure to love it.

  2. Make mistletoe: Ok this may sound a girly but your man is sure going to love the hint… and the praise. Get some artificial flowers, leaves, some ribbons and make mistletoe. You can add to is some pictures of you two together and add hooks to make it a cloth hanger. While presenting the gift don’t forget to give him a big kiss and he will feel proud, both for the gift ad for your thoughtfulness.

  3. Knit something: This need not be big but knit him some nice socks for him? He may not say so, but this pampering is something he will love. And when you are not around he is most probably going to put his feel up, and show off to his friends what you have made for him…  Even for those not much into stitching a knitting kit comes with instructions that are easy to follow.

  4. Make a clock: This is really simple, get hold of a small cheap clock (The one’s you get with a picture – the machine can be removed from the picture). Now take hold of some old bike handle bars or his favourite idols and incorporate them into his clock. You can use the help of a local carpenter to make the clock sturdy for wall hanging. But the idea is to be indigenous and use his tastes to make the clock for him. He will place it high up, in his room.

  5. Wish list: The easiest and the most preferred gifts, this is really about letting him have his way. All you need is a nice paper, color it well, and leave it blank. Next tell him to write his top 5 wishes; something that he wants you to do. Then do it for him… It is a simple act of spending time together, and enjoying each other’s company. It will be a valentine well spent… 

Homemade Gift Ideas for Husband on Valentine's Day

  1. Watch Holder: If crafts were your favorite subject at school, you need no aid in preparing this. Take a big see though bottle (glass or plastic) bottle with a wide mouth. Cover the lid with some decorative paper, preferably pink or red. Fence it with a matching lace/ribbon. Just make sure, the bottle can be opened and closed at ease. On the sides, place a kiss with red ink or lipstick and if possible write “I love you” with permanent red marker. Every time your hubby places the watch, or takes it out, he must feel good as the holder holds lot of passion and love of the creator apart from the watches.

  2. Hearts with straws: Pick a bunch of colorful straws from the nearby store apart from a poster-board. Paste a red/pink decorative paper on the board and now bend the straws into shapes of heart of different size. Use glue stick to stick it on the poster-board and color the central part in red. Then write some private beautiful verses on the hearts with glitters so that they become prominent even at dark. Place the entire decoration at the wall of the Hall and give him a reason to fall in love with you once again.

  3. Love baked cakes: They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach-but you are already reigning there. So the extra efforts of preparing mouthwatering cakes for him on the V-Day will simple consolidate your position in his heart. Purchase heart shaped cake moulds and bake your cakes there. You can decorate them with red jam, pink strawberry sauce or liquid chocolate – all three add much to the mood of the occasion. See the bliss on his face at the dinner table and that will make you happy too.

  4. Little, but heartfelt gifts: Write a long letter describing what you feel for him and how have been your married life so far. Concentrate on minute details like remembering the first kiss, or the first date or the first night spent together after marriage. He will also reiterate those moments and feel nostalgic, yet romantic. Enjoy the bliss on his face and the blush on his cheeks. If you are good in art, draw his portrait and give him a nice surprise. Knit a handmade sweater of his favorite color and hand it over to him as the dinner is over.

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