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Homemade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her

Ok it is that special day ad you really want to make it big. A great splash that will tell her how much you love her. Women love romance and anything mushy, especially if you have taken the effort to make it for her.

Use this Valentine’s Day to give her something that has been made by you, for her. She will love it and thank you for making the effort. Don’t worry if it is sloppy, it is really the thought that counts.

So get cracking and make your thought count.

  1. Make a card: In today’s time of e-greetings, and instant messages, nothing is as intimate as the old time greeting card. Get a paint brush, make a picture and viola your card is ready. Inside it, write what comes to your heart, it may not rhyme; it may not be the best of words. But it sure will be what it takes to melt her heart. The trick here is to express well, what she means to you and how important she is in your life. So get cracking and make it for her.

  2. Pamper her: Girls love to be pampered and taken care of. So how about being her personal masseur for the day? All you need for this is some bathing salt, aromatic oil and scented candles. Use your fingers; gently massage her feet, aching back or the temple. The idea is not to make the massage perfect but to be concerned and show it. You want her to relax and she will love you for this care.

  3. A handmade jewelry box: This is so easy…. Get an old box, some wrapping paper, paints and be creative. Use sparkle and make one that says it is for her… Girls always make use of such boxes and one made by you will be her favourite. It shows that you love her and also care to give her the best of things. You can also place a small mirror inside it, with a note for the most beautiful woman I know.

  4. Bake a cake: Ok so you are not a great cook and your experiments have been mostly disaster. But don’t be afraid to try. How about making a special heart-shaped cake for your sweet heart? It may sound like teenage stuff but it is fun and she I sure to love it a lot. The best part, today you can get ready to make cake mix, along with the creamy layer to be spread on top. Top it with some cherries and great wine and voila, you have the perfect valentine gift ready.

  5. Write a poem: Romance is in the air and it is the perfect time to tell her how much you love her. This gift is simple and the best ever. Use some colorful paper and start writing for her. You need to be a wordsmith to get it right, but say it well and she will be floored. Tip – get a guitar in hand for more effect.

Homemade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

  1. Make a picnic: How about a romantic candle light dinner in your garden? Or an outing which is simple, but well planned? Girls love the idea of romance and the idea of being made to feel special. So the best thing to do is choose a safe location, carry some cookies, and enjoy a good time together. To create the ambience you can also set a camp fire, or go fishing, or hike to some exotic place. Make sure to give her attention and care for her comfort. She will love the time together.

  2. Chocolates and cookies: They say the way into a man’s heart is through his stomach… and so it happens the way into a girls heart is also though her man’s culinary skills. So go ahead and make something special and different for your lady love. Baking, cooking are not normally associated with men and if you try it out, do it only to please her, she is sure o be floored. So try it out, tinkle the taste buds and better still wrap it up in some nice coloured paper… for the perfect gift.

  3. Make a flower bouquet: How about hunting for the right flowers and making your bouquet? It may not be as arty as the one’s available in the shop but it is unique and it will be lovely. Look around your garden, take a walk collect some twigs and get your creative juices at work. Put them all together to make her a unique bouquet, but be sure to have chosen fresh flower else the effort will yield bad results.

  4. Make a showpiece: This is simple, look around for some pretty porcelain and get cracking. You can stick some lovely picture on it, or paint a heart attached mistletoe and make it into a showpiece. Add a chart paper which says ‘I love you dear’ and make provision to make it a wall hanging. She can place it on her cup board or some lovely corner in her home. It is sure to make way into her heart.

  5. Collage: This is easy and lovely. You can name it, 50 reasons why I love you and write small lovely notes all over. Mix it with lovely pictures of her, of you and you two together. It will be memories of the time spent together and it will tell her how much you value this relationship.

Homemade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Wife

  1. Frame the moments: Purchase an album and chose some of the best pictures of togetherness and love and stick on it. Decorate the album with rose petals and colorful beads, or the way you know she will like it. if possible try to narrate a stories thorough photographs, like some moments of dating and courtship, then getting married, anniversaries and birthdays, and many more. to make it more special, add a special message beside each picture , decorate each page with red/pink hearts of all shapes to make it attractive and beautiful. Also you can create a collage of 10-12 pictures and remind her of all special moments at one shot!

  2. Give her a day off: Make the V-Day a special day for her by treating her like a queen. Take an off from your office and don’t let her do any work, starting from the breakfast till the late night romantic candlelit dinner. In doing so, you will get loads of time to show your creativity in terms of meals and desserts, and present them as the most special homemade gifts for her. In the eve, decorate the home with rose petal and scented candles to woo her. Play her favorite songs and create a romantic ambience which she will never forget.

  3. Homemade little gift’s goodie bag: Purchase a goodie bag and fill some little but special gifts in them which you have made by yourself, exclusively for her. A scrapbook that contains those little details like the first love-letter/wrapper of the first chocolate/wedding card, etc or a set of CD/DVD’s burnt with her favorite tunes can be kept as lovely gifts for her. Store purchased candy boxes can be given a homemade touch with decorations and cards can be either prepared or purchased with special notes written on them to make her this V-Day a memorable one.

  4. Manifest your creativity: Prepare a beautiful wall hanging with cardboards and red/pink papers, and garnish it with her pictures, love poems, love messages etc. Paint kisses on it and also don’t forget to express your special feelings towards your soul mate through beautifully crafted words. At places put red strawberries and candies which are edible; hence that becomes an edible homemade gift for her as well. Don’t forget to write “I LOVE YOU” big enough to draw her attention. At one glance she should be able to know the ultimate feeling of her husband, amidst all such flowery decorative.

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