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Funny Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Despite all the stress that comes with shopping for your sweetheart, there’s still plenty of room for a sense of humor – and these ten funny Valentine’s Day gift ideas are the perfect way to bring laughter to love’s own holiday.

Though not always the best idea as an individual gift (unless you are sharing them with a friend), you can present this to the love of your life as a way to make February 14th fun instead of a headache.

And, after you have lightened the mood, you can give the romantic gift you worked so hard to find.

Magic Frog, Charming Prince

This is one best given to a gal pal that’s a little down on her luck in love.  She’ll take a small foam amphibian and soak him in water only to find a handsome future king blossom.  When done, she won’t have to wonder what day her prince will come any more!

Wine Glass/Measuring Cup Combo

Perfect for the couple who likes to have some cabernet with dinner on Valentine’s Day, this stemware has lines along the sides to let you know when you’re tipsy.  As you sip on your favorite vintage, you’ll be able to joke about how much longer it will be until your inhibitions have floated away.

Cupid’s Cocktail Arrows

A cute way to keep your drinks straight during the evening, you can use these colored silicone arrows on the sides of your drink – it’s something you love, right?  Dishwasher safe and sure to stick in the minds of anyone who sees them, you’ll have plenty of people asking which store you went to.

Energy Drinks

When it comes to romance, Love Potion No. 9 is famed as the world’s best aphrodisiac.  Well, if you have had a long day at work, what better way to get you charged up for the evening than by chugging a Valentine’s Day-themed energy drink of the same name?  It will give you that little bit of pep to *ahem* stay up all night.

Love Lottery Tickets

Depending on how much time you have and what your budget is, you can customize these scratch-off tickets with sayings of your own or use stock phrases to give your evening a funny twist.  Imagine your sweetheart using a coin to reveal your next activity and you serenading them with a romantic tune from Neil Diamond.

USB Love Necklace

The lady in your life probably has to carry files of all kinds between home and work to keep up with the different tasks her job places on her.  Why not, instead of opting for a bit of jewelry, find a rhinestone-encrusted USB drive to help her do so in style?  It will give her a smile next time she has to bring the office home with her.

Heart-Shaped Breakfast

A great way to start the day, take some open-topped cookie cutters and use them to shape a breakfast in bed for your sweetie.  Some heart-shaped eggs will go great alongside toast or even pancakes, if you have the time and skill in the kitchen.  And, once you have cleaned up, you can make some sugar cookies and put your own candy-heart-like messages on them to follow dinner up with later.

Chocolate Handcuffs

You two might not be the type of couple that engages in the more risqué practices behind closed doors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the idea!  Grabbing a pair of chocolate handcuffs can give you both something to chew on as the evening takes a more physical turn.  At the very least, the idea of cops and robbers will be sweeter than ever!

New Versions of Edible Underwear

Speaking of “intimate encounters,” put a fresh twist on the classic idea of sweet fruit rolls by picking up some edible underwear of a different ilk.  Recent Valentine’s Days have seen candy bras and panties emerge from specialty confectioners – the necklace has grown up! – and similarly styled beef jerky creations for the carnivore you love.

Jiggly Jellow Heart

Let’s say, for example, the two of you are really into horror movies.  Give dessert a funny twist by using a real-looking heart jello mold.  Imagine the surprise on your lover’s face when you stare deeply into his or her eyes and say, “I want to give you my heart” – only to reveal it’s anatomically correct and made of raspberry gelatin!

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