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Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas for Parents and Grandparents

Of all the meaningful relationships that one shares with people in a lifetime, perhaps the relationship that we have with our parents is the most important one.

The lifelong ties and bonds that we have with our parents is unparalleled and the unconditional love that they shower us with, makes it quite important for us to celebrate the love and what better occasion can one think of than Valentine’s Day.

So in case you’re confused about what to gift to your parents on Valentine’s Day and express how much you love them and feel grateful to have them in your lives, we have compiled for you a list of gifting options that you can gift to your parents and have a wonderful time with them.

Gift Ideas for Parents for Valentine's Day

  1. One of the best things that one can do is to start the day in the perfect manner, that could involve a breakfast in bed for your parents, though not a very grand thing to do, it is nonetheless a sweet gesture to let your parents feel special.

  2. Another great gifting idea can be giving them personalized gifts, with the current trend in the gifts industry almost every article can be personalized, for example you can gift them a personalized photo frame with a picture of the entire family in it, or even pillows and bed cases, if you have a bit of a creative instinct then you can have endless options and combinations to make.

  3. You can also gift your parents gift coupons for various things, though most preferably you can gift them a dining coupon for a restaurant, so that they can have a quiet and lovely dinner together and spend some time in each other’s cherished company.

  4. Another great option is to arrange for dinner passes on board for fancy options like cruises etc. and make the occasion a special one for the two of them.

  5. If you have siblings then you can try to give a combined present which would be even grander, and with a bigger budget you can try to send them away on a vacation, or you could give them something that they’ve been eyeing for a long time and not being decisive about.

  6. Another great option is to gift home décor gifts as there are very less parents who do not have the nesting instinct, which is the essence of a nice home, it could be any personalized gift item that you could muster for them, be it lamps or wall hangings or photo frames, just go ahead an buy them something and they’d be happy.

  7. On a last but not the least note, if you’re the super busy kind who cannot buy even a single present, at least you can gift them a card that expresses how much they mean to you and do not worry, it is really the thought that counts with people who have known you forever and love you regardless.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Grandparents

  1. Sweets: Although, they are old, your grandparents won’t mind sweets as a gift. In fact, sweets happen to be one of the most popular gifts to be bought on Valentine’s Day and they are loved by people of all age equally. Some grandparents have a sweet tooth and there is no better gift for them other than a bunch of chocolates. Homemade cookies and sweets are also a great option to consider and you can make heart shaped sweets as well and color them according to your will. Sugar coated cookies or brownies are also a great option to consider.

  2. Cards: Greetings cards are one of the most sober and elegant way of expressing your love for someone. When it comes to grandparents, you can make them greeting cards for Valentine’s Day by working on them yourself. They would definitely appreciate your labor and would remember your fine gesture for years to come. You can use cardboard paper to make the card base and stick in some sweet Valentine’s Day message and decorate it with stickers and colored ribbons to make it look appealing.

  3. Jewelry: If your grandparents stay with you and you feel yourself really close to them, Valentine’s Day is perhaps the best time of the year to show your love for them. You can buy your grandmother a lovely looking pendant that has a heart shape and put your picture inside it. That way, she will always remember you when she is wearing the pendant. An elegant looking bracelet is also a great option to gift your grandfather on Valentine’s Day.

  4. Picture: Photo frames are a great option to consider when buying gifts for your grandparents for Valentine’s Day. Put your own picture inside a nice frame and gift it over to your grandparents. Alternatively, you can choose any one else’spicture; perhaps one person (your father or your mother) in your family whomyour grandparents love the most and stick the photo inside the frame. Metal and wooden frames are what you should be looking out for in this case.