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Valentines Day Gifts Ideas for Girlfriend

Guys don’t hate February 14th, despite what Hollywood might have you believe. That said, selecting a Valentine day gift for your girlfriend can be the toughest task ever you might have done.

Over the years, it seems like men have become increasingly sensitive to the possibility of making the ladies they love angry by showing their bad sense when it comes to choosing a gift for them. And, as we all know, there's a certain fiery place that has no fury like a woman scorned–and no guy wants to be there on Valentine's Day.

Wondering how are you going to reignite her passion? Hoping to reach her heart with the perfect gift that can arouse love for you? Read on for four great tips that will make her smile brightly …

Gifts For Loved Ones

Broaden Her Horizons

Even the most timid of women loves the idea of having her man lead her somewhere new. Although you have to be conscious of your choices – you wouldn't want to take her skydiving if she's afraid of heights, of course –you will probably find she is up for anything.

Take her to a new restaurant (or, if you're smart, you'll promise to do so on a night when it's not so busy) or buy her a bottle of wine having different flavor than she is used to… It doesn't matter how stubborn she is, your girlfriend will at least give you the benefit of the doubt before making any judgments.

Create a Treasure Hunt

If you have the time, coming up with a series of clues to lead her from one gift to the next is a great way to heighten her excitement. Start small, like with a handmade photo collage, and then lead up to bigger presents (jewelry). There is no better way to ignite fire of love in her for you.

Or, if you want to be a little funny, you can make the hunt send her around the house picking up pieces of a larger gift. You might consider planning your meal –or at least dessert – around it.

Which woman in the world wouldn't enjoy the special sweet delight, the for chocolate covered strawberries you made on your own for her only? Surprise her with your cooking skills you picked only for her.

Get Her Something She Needs, But Wouldn’t Buy for Herself

It might not be the most romantic choice on the list, yet it could be one of the best in the long term. Many women love to run, yet wait until their shoes are falling apart before replacing them.

It’s not the sexiest gift, but a new pair of sneakers will allow her to get her mileage in comfort – showing you can be counted on to notice the small things and provide for her.

Don’t know her size? See if you can sneak a peek at the ones she wears now before you head to the shoe store. Couple that with knowing her favorite color and you have a recipe for a great gift.

Pamper Her Like Crazy

Women want to be given royal treatment from time to time – and they deserve it, too. If you are like most guys, you are probably dating a girl that looks after all your desires and watches for any sign of ill health.

Make her the center of attention for the night: prepare a luscious dinner, massage her feet, run your fingers through her hair and tell her how pretty she is. It’s only one evening, but putting her up on a pedestal like that will mean the world to her.

Keep the sentiments, preferences and drifts of your girlfriend in mind while you buy gifts for her. She will be delighted to know you spent time and thoughts for her.

Romantic Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

  • 1. The possibility of making the woman he loves angry by being inconsiderate towards her needs does scare every man, for we all know that when a woman is happy then she makes her surroundings, loving and peaceful with the kind of blissful feel that is unparalleled and the kind that you feel thankful to have met her for. However if you do make a mistake then you also know that you will be paying for it for a very long time. The fact that she would never explicitly say anything but you will see it in everything you do and then trying to rectify the silliness would be a futile attempt.

  • 2. So you need to make sure that you try your best in all the things that you do for her, nothing less than the best will suffice for her, and once you succeed in making her happy you will be rewarded with what can only be called beatific happiness that she will shower on you and you know that it will all be worth it in the end.

  • 3. Starting in the details department, you should try to keep things as surprising as possible, pamper her, shower her with exciting things or experiences, try to make it as big and grand as your budget can afford, and be assured that she will love you for it, the effort really counts. So planning something to the utmost perfection like greet her in the morning with a breakfast in bed, or greet her at her door with a gift basket or the traditional flowers and a box of chocolate. This will prove to her that you are really serious about the day and about her.

  • 4. You can make arrangements for a candlelight dinner at home, decorate the place up, you can ask one of her friends to take her out to distract her while you get things done and surprise her with a complete change of ambience. Small details that can make a difference really go a long way in nurturing a relationship so keep trying.

  • 5. If you try to take her out to a dinner date, you can take care and try to book a place with a live band where you can request the band to sing a song of your choice, that you would want to dedicate to her, this is a great idea, as we are yet to know a girl who doesn’t like the idea of a brewing romance that has the dramatic flair, plus who doesn’t like to be pampered in such a way.

  • 6. All you need to take care is to make the day all about her and she will love you for it, after all everyone wants to feel special once in a while and Valentine’s Day is perhaps the best time to prove to your loved one that you are really serious about her and that she means the world to you, actions really count.