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Valentine's Day Flowers

As February 14th rolls around men all over the world make a mad dash to the florists in search of the perfect Valentine's Day flowers–it's a tradition!

For some guys, this may mean a quick run to the nearest supermarket for whatever is left to make it seem like they didn't forget, yet the fact that you are reading this article means you are in a good position to make the woman in your life very happy this year. (Assuming you aren't looking at it on the afternoon of Valentine's Day, that is.)

Though it might seem a bit impractical to focus so much effort on an item that will just die in two or three days, what really matters when you are picking up flowers for Valentine's Day is the happiness of the person you are purchasing them for. Surprise her with something unexpected and beautiful–her joy will be hard to hide!

What to Buy ?

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No matter what you may think about them, these classic Valentine's Day flowers will be out in bunches every year. They come in several colors, each with its own meaning, so you want to be careful which one you choose–it would be a pity if you picked one representing friendship instead of love! The main thing you want to do with roses is check for freshness, as many shops put the flowers in a refrigerator for weeks leading up to the big day. If you notice soft stems or discolored petals, buy something else.

Though most you can’t always count on them until later in March or early April, tulips are a favorite for many as an alternative to the clichéd rose.  Simple and with a minimal fragrance, they are an excellent choice on their own or as the centerpiece of a larger arrangement.  As with roses, though, you have to pay close attention to the quality you are purchasing – most of the varieties available around Valentine’s Day are grown in greenhouses and suffer slightly in terms of brightness.

A favorite amongst the British, the carnation is readily available at a lower price than most other flowers associated with Valentine's Day. More durable than most other choices on this list, they often last for two or three weeks with appropriate care. However, be mindful of your recipient: a woman of high stature might be disgusted if you chose something that costs less.

Likely the most fragrant of these Valentine's Day flowers recommendations, the classic beauty of the lily is always welcome. With their wide blossoms and distinctive perfume, lilies sand apart from the rest, it is better to opt for a few of them rather gifting too many. You may even pair these with other flowers to dampen their effect. Though white and pink colored lilies look beautiful and can be found commonly however you may opt for a color based on your beloved's choice.

This flower is relatively unknown when it comes to Valentine's Day yet it makes for some of the most beautiful bouquets and comes from a very romantic location–the Italian Riviera! The flower blooms in a spiraling pattern, revealing a thick blanket of petals. (In case you aren't aware it is related to the buttercup.) And because it is a rare choice, you'll get creativity points when you hand them over.

If you are looking for something similar to a lily yet with a more expansive color palette, then you may opt for the Amaryllis. It is a bit sturdier than its cousin and frequently comes in shades of peach, red and even with a tinge of orange thereby giving you more choices to create a vibrant bouquet. If well cared for, these flowers will last for at least ten days past Valentine's Day.

A trademark of the spring months, the bright yellow blossoms of the Narcissus are usually forced to play second fiddle to something else. With their unique shape, though, they are a great way to display your creativity when it comes to shopping for Valentine's Day flowers. If your sweetheart is tired of seeing red, white and pink everywhere, these are a fantastic option to brighten her day in a different way.

Possibly the most exotic of all the choices on this list, there is a seductive quality attached to the Orchids–some believe they carry a meaning tied more to physical intimacy than love. (Medically, in fact, problems with the testicles refer to the flower, due to a perceived resemblance with the bulbs.) Though better known for the more available purple, there are yellow and white options out there too.

Some call daisies 'the friendliest flower,' perhaps because their colors are usually very bright and happy. They are a mainstay of floral arrangements used throughout the year. There is almost a childlike innocence about these pretty flowers which allows them to be a favorite amongst those young lovers who are unable to afford roses.

Iceland poppies
Known for its entrancing color patterns, poppies of all varieties are in season when Valentine's Day rolls around. The Iceland poppy, with its bright shades of red streaked with pink or orange is somewhat fragile–which is kind of disappointing–yet its beauty makes it popular. Plus, since February 14th is smack dab in the middle of the growth period, you might be able to find a great deal!

Tips Before You Buy :

  • Decide if you want a single-color arrangement or something with a wide variety of shades then choose the flowers. You can mix an assortment of different blossoms in the same color, for example.

  • Does your sweetheart have allergies? Avoid pollen-heavy varieties (lilies) or those with strong scents (Hyacinths) to prevent a sneezing fit when you present the bouquet.

  • Advise your love to cut the stems and clean the vase she places the flowers in each day in order to get them to last as long as possible–and give you a better value for your money, too!

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