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Day Do It Yourself Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

There is no day on the calendar with more pressure attached than February 14th: unlike Christmas, picking out the best present is a necessity – it is love’s own holiday, after all.

This can be even more nerve wracking when you don’t have a lot of money, yet this list of the top ten Valentine’s Day do it yourself gift ideas is a great way to give your sweetheart a meaningful item without breaking the bank.

You might be surprised how much the time you spent putting these gifts together means to your dearest, as the attention to his or her particular favorites shows how deeply you care.

Use these ideas as inspiration – or flat-out steal them – and you will be well on your way to one of the most memorable Valentine’s Day gifts ever.

DIY Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Photo Collage

Thanks to the advancement of technology, chances are the two of you have dozens of snapshots spread across your phones and/or social media.Why not do something a little old fashioned and turn them into a carefully-placed display?You might, for instance, give your collage a theme and print off pictures where the two of you are doing something in particular – dancing or traveling, e.g. – then write out short descriptions or funny captions for each one.

Do you have the opposite problem?Are all your photos in boxes organized (using the term loosely) by decade?Take some time scanning them into your computer for the added bonus of a digital archive you can easily share with friends and family.

Digital Wallpaper

It doesn’t matter whether your honey is a teenager glued to a smartphone or a grandparent just learning how to use a computer, you can bet he or she spends at least a little bit of time each day in front of some valuable landscape on a screen!This being the case, you can easily create a custom background with very little in the way of expertise – it’s truly a do-it-yourself project that can be completed in as little as five minutes.

That said, you will probably have to be a little sneaky, which can be difficult if your sweetie always has that particular gadget nearby.When you get your hands on it, though, a few clicks will have your romantic picture displayed in no time.

Sappy Songs

No matter what age you are, there has to be at least one song that helps you convey your feelings for the person who stole your heart.If you are like most people, there are dozens of romantic tunes you identify with that special someone and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to share them all with him or her.You can make a physical copy of the dozen or so songs you have in mind on a CD or, if your dearest has an MP3 player, load up a digital playlist with as many tunes as will fit.

For an added thrill, present the gift to him or her and put your celebration on hold for a slow dance wherever you are, even if there are people all around.

Keys to Your Kingdom

Is this a bit goofy? Yes. Is it sweet? Undoubtedly – one of the sweetest in this top ten list.When you are coming up with do-it-yourself ideas, creativity is what ends up being the difference maker between a cliché and touching.Find a key or two (or twelve, if you want) without a door to open, then decorate it with glitter or a simple red bow.Your honey has already unlocked your heart, so make it official.

Don’t have one handy?There are traditional skeleton keys available all over the worldwide web, which will add a classic feel to your gift.

Poetry or a Letter

Scribbling down your intimate thoughts about someone is always a challenge – regardless of how much you love someone, embarrassment or perfectionism seems to come to the forefront with you pick up the pen or put fingers to the keyboard.Don’t let those feelings rob your love of the power of your words!Pretend as though he or she is sitting with you and, instead of talking through your feelings, write them out instead.

If you need some help getting started, check out the classics by Shakespeare and Lord Byron.Before long, you will be charged up and ready to create a masterpiece of your own.

Homemade Dinner

It might seem like a cop out to spend time in the kitchen instead of going out to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day, but there is nothing more do-it-yourself than a meal you’ve made by hand.It is remarkably less expensive than finding a table at an overcrowded hot spot.Thanks to your dinner for two being at home, you will also have the opportunity to carry on a conversation without interruptions from other noisy diners or a waiter hoping you’ll be gone soon so he can make as much money as possible on the busiest evening of the year.


This idea is so simple, it’s almost a given – and, since there is no paper involved, it’s a green solution to sharing your love on February 14th.The number of options available online is growing all the time and the quality is improving at a rapid pace.Have a look through some of your choices and figure out if you want something humorous or romantic, then schedule a time for your greeting to be delivered.

Do, however, keep in mind this should not be the only do-it-yourself gift you opt for – unless you want to be single on February 15th, that is.

Movies on the Couch

Everyone has a romantic comedy or two that makes them laugh years after the first viewing, which is why this present is so easy to pull off.Pull a DVD from your collection or queue it up through your streaming service, then plop down on the sofa for an evening snuggling.Don’t have anything appealing?Head to your nearest big box retailer and you will probably find a classic in the bargain section.

For an added treat, hand your sweetie a package that includes the movie, a bag of microwavable popcorn and a beverage of your choice.Want to really turn on the romance?Choose chocolate-covered fruit and champagne.


Are you in a relationship with a bookworm?It doesn’t matter how many different books he or she has consumed, you can never go wrong by providing him or her with something new.To save money, head to a secondhand store and see what you can find – or, if you really want to show off your do-it-yourself chops, write one yourself.Depending on your level of skill and the time you have available, you might be able to create a children’s story or fill-in-the blanks novel in short order.


Don’t worry, you won’t have to become a diamond miner to give your sweetheart a nice trinket for Valentine’s Day.In many cities, arts districts are giving customers the chance to design and manufacture creations of their own, often with expert help nearby.For a reasonably small fee to take a class and purchase the materials, you will be able to hand over a custom-built piece of jewelry he or she will treasure.

If that’s not your thing, there are hundreds of websites which allow a basic template to be personalized with an engraving – all you have to do is come up with the words or plunk down your honey’s initials and it arrives on your doorstep within a week.