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Cute Valentine Day Gift Ideas for Your Beloved

Of all the holidays on the calendar, none quite lends itself to silly demonstrations of affection like love’s own holiday.  Maybe it’s a reflection of how romance makes us all a little goofy, but that’s why these ten cute Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your lover are a great way to give a touch of whimsy to your celebration.  No matter how long you have been together, there is always room for a little flight of fancy when it comes to February 14th – it’s the best day to indulge in one, after all!

Oversized Dessert
Anyone can make a dozen cookies or bake an individual-sized cake, which is why you will give your sweetie a laugh when you create something too big to be eaten in two or three bites.  Whatever you choose to make – brownies, pie, banana split, etc. – do it with a cartoon character’s flair.  Load up the plate and deliver it as though it is completely natural, just take a picture before the two of you try to eat it all!

Little Bits of Love Basket
You and your honey spend a lot of time together, which means you probably know more about each other than anyone else.  Take advantage of your closeness to create a basket filled with all his or her favorite items– candies, flowers, cards, a CD of love songs – to show how well you pay attention to the one who has stolen your heart.

Crayon Drawing
Remember when you were in elementary school and created a picture for your mother or father in the lead up to Valentine’s Day?  Re-create that childlike demonstration of affection by grabbing a set of crayons to do your best impression of a young artist.  The great thing about this is, in addition to showing how much your beloved means to you, there is no skill level required.  The messier it is, the better!

Heart-Shaped Food
In many cases, lovers go shopping for the trademarked big red box of chocolates when February 14th comes around and call it good.  Well, a great way to set yourself apart is to make a heart-themed meal for your dearest – and nothing is off limits.  For breakfast, you can use a cookie cutter to make eggs or pancakes.  At dinner, you can go so far as shaping a chicken breast or sculpting mashed potatoes.  The only limits are your imagination.

Love the Kid in Him or Her
No matter how much we try to grow up, there is something magical about receiving a gift that hearkens back to a cherished childhood memory.  A guy, for example, might like a keychain featuring his favorite building blocks while a woman may love a T-shirt with a classic TV character on it.  Once again, this is a spot where you can show how much you know about the person you love the most.

Something Engraved
A gift that’s timeless, finding a way to have a few loving words etched onto an object is a great way to remember this particular Valentine’s Day for years to come.  For generations, the charm necklace or picture locket was the primary choice, but recent decades have seen an explosion in other goods available for personalization – money clips, pendants, etc. – at affordable prices.

Photos in Frames…or Not
Every relationship is chronicled with dozens of pictures, especially now that most people have a smartphone with a camera built in.  You can pick a few and have them printed to place in frames you decorate with romantic quotes or just make a file covered with digital photos to use as a wallpaper.  Either way, your honey will have a good reminder of how much the two of you have changed during your time together.

Stuffed Animal
Yes, almost everyone will go after a teddy bear with an “I Love You” sweatshirt on, yet there’s nothing that says it’s the only type of plush toy you have to buy!  Do a little bit of work to see what’s available (there are all sorts of choices through online and local retailers), and pick your sweetie’s favorite animal, if possible.  Want to go an extra mile, have your voice recorded and placed in the animal so that he or she hears you say “You’re the best!” every time the animal is squeezed.

Customized T-Shirt
With home iron-on kits now available that allow you to print designs of your own on clothing, you have a wealth of different ways to display your affection.  You might, create a graphic with a picture of you two from a cherished date or make up some stylized text featuring your nicknames for each other.  There is nothing off limits, so long as you realize some ideas cannot be worn in public.

Loving Coupons
Some days, it’s just tough for you or your sweetie to express what your needs are.  In the midst of all the hustle and bustle of life, simple coupons guaranteeing your dearest some time with your full attention – whether at a quiet candlelit dinner or via a soothing foot massage – can be the best of all gifts.  Take the time to make at least a dozen different promises, then present them to your significant other to redeem at his or her convenience.

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