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Creative Valentine's Day Gifts

When February 14th rolls around, there are a handful of standard gestures everyone expects like the cards, flowers, chocolates and stuffed animals.  Want to be different?

Buy (or make) one of these ten creative Valentine’s Day gifts to give your sweetie something to brag about when his or her coworkers are lamenting the same old stuff.

Not only will you be putting your love on display, you will have shown that your romantic side can do more than make a trip to the nearest superstore on the way home from work.

Hot Photos

Most couples reach for the tried-and-true pictures from their history together when it comes time to frame something on Valentine’s Day.  You can put a different, more adult spin on that by hiring a professional photographer to take some racy photos.  Whether you decide to do so alone or together is up to you, but there’s nothing better that living the old romatic moments again on Feburary 14th.

Get Your Blood Pumping

You probably are thinking about doing something routine for the evening, like having dinner at a nice restaurant or watching a movie on the couch – but why?  Studies have shown a direct link between romance and excitement, which makes a high-flying adventure a unique way to celebrate your love.  There are all sorts of options – trapeze lessons, skydiving trips – to get your adrenalin rushing.

A Naughty Love Note

Everyone loves to receive flowery words of devotion. But, let’s be honest, sometimes we like to read steamy sentences dripping with desire, which make the partners desire more.  Intimate encounters are a natural part of relationships, so give your sweetie a peek into the fantasies he or she creates in your imagination by scrawling out a letter filled with your naughty & affectionate thoughts.

A Picture with a Thousand Words (or Less)

If you are a bit too shy to get sexy with your writing, opt instead for a piece of framed poetry.  Go to your local hobby shop to pick out a frame you like, then put your romantic ideas down to paper using your most stylized handwriting and enclose where the picture would go.  Having trouble coming up with something?  Search the web to borrow from the great poets! Make sure a unique story line grips the words of the poetry.

Special Reading Kit

Are you in love with a bookworm?  Support his or her reading addiction by picking up a new book and try including a handmade bookmark with a picture of the two of you.  Of all these creative Valentine’s Day Gifts, this is one of the easiest to make – you can literally find anything around the house and turn it into a significant present depicting your adoration.

Dinner in Bed

Who says you have to pamper your love with the first meal of the day?  This idea is perfect for a significant other that often arrives at home worn out from a long day at the office.  For extra credit, draw a soothing bath for him or her to soak in before slipping between the sheets, then deliver your delicious creation (or one you ordered in).Make sure to cook something simple but delicious with touch of love in garnish.

Banner of Love

Make a public declaration of your affection with a simple banner hung across your front door.  A simple piece of string tied from one side to the other can be adorned with whatever objects you wish – paper hearts, a customized T-shirt, anything!  What better way to greet your sweetie and let the whole neighborhood know how you feel, right?

A Valentine’s Day Tree

You could go with a bunch of balloons filled with helium, or you could take a bit more time to create a memory built on your love for your honey.  No one said Christmas could be the only holiday with a tree!  Find a small tree or use one from a nearby hobby store (if you don’t want to get a living plant) and cover it with heart-shaped “ornaments” and ribbon.  If you want to really add a personal touch, you can attach small love notes to the branches for your dearest to read later.

Puzzling and Snuggling

You might think settling in on the couch to watch a movie is the best way to spend your evening, but the sad part is the two of you hardly talk that whole time.  Encourage some interaction by shutting off your TV and silencing your phones to put together a puzzle.  Be sure to pick something with a relatively small number of pieces (say, 200 or less) and then go to work.  You can even purchase a custom puzzle from an online retailer that features one of your own photos!Arranging it can be real fun!

Unique Artwork

The variety of the worldwide web is endless, which means you have access to an incredible number of artists producing high-quality work for relatively inexpensive prices.  You might opt for a beautiful landscape or stunning portrait, yet you could even use an online photo service to give one of your own snapshots a new look with retouching service.  Either way, you can be assured your sweetheart will have a limited edition print worth displaying well beyond Valentine’s Day.

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