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Chocolate Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

When February 14th rolls around, everyone goes running for the candy aisles and carefully-crafted marketing displays at the local grocery store.

Most people don’t realize there are at least twelve Valentine’s Day chocolate gift ideas to hit your sweetheart’s sweet tooth in different ways – you don’t just have to opt for a box of chocolates (though it’s always welcome).

Gifts For Loved Ones

Wondering how you can surprise your love with a delicious treat and still keep chocolate involved? Read on!

Valentines Chocolate Gift Ideas

The idea of a chocolate truffle is not a new one – women (and men) all over the world crave them, particularly around Valentine’s Day! These don’t have to be expensive, though, as you can often find recipes online or in books to save you some money with minimal effort in the kitchen on your part.

Chocolate-Dipped Bacon Over the last few years, it seems like bacon has taken over as the ideal treat for the guy in your life, which is why getting him a few crispy pieces covered with chocolate will put a manly spin on the Valentine’s Day treats. You may think of it as an odd choice, but the salty and sweet combination is to die for!

Chocolate Containers
If you have a chocolatier in your hometown, they can often help you come up with a fresh twist on the box of chocolate(s). Skilled candy makers can produce a container made out of chocolate itself, which you can fill with other sweets and present to your honey.

Double Chocolate Cookies
Instead of picking out some candy, why not go with some chewy chocolate cookies? With just a little bit of time baking and a half-hour of prep, you can give your sweetie a delicious snack to round out your evening together on February 14th – especially if he/she does't really enjoy candy.

Spiced Chocolate Candies
This is, by far, the most unique of these twelve Valentine’s Day chocolate gift ideas. In many cultures, the idea of adding a little bit of heat to the smoothness of your average milk chocolate is a popular way to tickle all of your sweetie’s taste buds. Those who enjoy pepper-laden foods might even go for chocolate-covered chiles!

Chocolate Ice Cream
Regardless of where you look, there is no rule that states you have to provide your sweetheart with candy on Valentine’s Day. Cookies were mentioned as a gift earlier, but those who live in warmer climates might like a frosty treat instead. Check the frozen foods section at your nearest grocer for ideas.

Entrées with Chocolate
In many cuisines, chocolate isn’t just saved for dessert! Find ways to mix it into your main dish and you’ll create a theme for the entire meal carried through from one course to the next. Mexican food aficionados, for example, will testify to the deliciousness of a well-prepared chicken mole as the perfect choice.

Decadent Chocolate Cake
A good Molten Lava Cake is a favorite for restaurant goers all over the world, but you can make one or something similar in the privacy of your own home that is just as good. If you want to give your dearest a gift that lasts, prepare a few microwaveable dishes with the mix already placed in them (directions are easily found on the web) and present them with dessert for several days!

Chocolate Spreads
Keeping inline with the idea of a gift that keeps on giving, true chocolate lovers are unable to avoid the tendency of wanting the treat at every meal of the day – and you can help them out by finding spreadable chocolate for them to put on everything from muffins to mulberries. Sure, you’re enabling an addiction, but none is sweeter!

Chocolate Covered Fruits
One of the most underrated (and simple) presents you can give on Valentine’s Day. The sweetness of fresh or dried fruit is always well-punctuated by a dash of chocolate. Dried apricots, for one, are made all the better when dropped into a pot filled with melted dark chocolate and stirred around until well coated.

Heart-Shaped Boxes
Of these 12 Valentine’s Day chocolate gift ideas, none is more popular than the big red box. It might seem like a bit of a cliché, especially after you have read through ten unique suggestions, but there is nothing quite like following the tradition when it comes to love’s own holiday. If you want to go this route and still be adventurous, you might consider getting a smaller box as a “safe pick” and then grabbing one of the others to expand your honey’s horizons.

Your Sweetheart’s Favorite
Look, when it’s all said and done, giving a gift that shows someone how well you know them is always one of the best options. Does your girlfriend have an affinity for a certain candy bar? Would your boyfriend like to be buried in a pie of chocolate-covered coffee beans? Go with treats you know your sweetie loves and you can’t go wrong.

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