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Cheap Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

With a tough economy, it’s only natural for everyone to look for ways to celebrate love’s own holiday without spending too much.

The temptation is always there to blow your rent money on presents for your sweetie, which is why this list of ten Valentine’s Day gifts that are cheap or free could not arrive at a better time.

You might feel like you aren’t able to display your love right, but these ideas are so affordable – if they cost anything at all – you will have your honey swooning.

Inexpensive Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Photo Collage
Regardless how long you have been together, there’s a good shot you have several pictures of the two of you somewhere.  They may be spread across your favorite social network or tucked away in a shoebox, but a little bit of time on your part can be used to create a collage of your history in photos.  If you are worried about using aged pictures, scan them into your computer – you will be creating an archive that will last, a serious bonus.

Mobile Phone Wallpaper
Nowadays, people are always looking at their phones to check up on news or answer another text message.   Give your dearest a pleasant reminder of your feelings by sneaking an “I love you” onto their display.  This way, the next time he or she lights up the screen, the romance you two have kindled will warm his or her heart.

Love Songs
Music has the power to stoke the flames of passion and pluck the heartstrings unlike any other medium, so take a half-hour or so to put together a playlist of your favorite tracks or some classic tunes.  When you hand it over, immediately stop your Valentine’s Day celebration for an impromptu dance to the first song, no matter where you are.

The Key to Your Heart
It seems a bit corny, but this is one of the most underrated ideas on this list of ten Valentine’s Day gifts that are cheap or free.  Most people have an old key or two laying around that opens a long-since-forgotten door, so you can string a piece of decorative ribbon through the hole and present it to your lover as the one he or she can use to unlock your heart.  Don’t have one handy?  Check an auction site for an old skeleton key to give your present a timeless feel.

Poetry or a Letter
It may seem like something beyond your talents, but writing out your deepest thoughts about your sweetheart is an ideal way to reach into his or her life.  Set yourself up by reading some of the classics – Shakespeare, Lord Byron, etc. – if you have to and then go to work creating your own masterpiece.  Don’t worry about making it perfect, he or she will probably be the only person to ever read it.

Homemade Dinner
The old saying tells us the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but it’s really true for everyone.  A good meal made with love is infinitely better than an entrée in a crowded, overpriced restaurant on the evening of February 14th.  Unlike the trendy spot downtown, you will be able to carry on a deep conversation and move at your own pace while enjoying some culinary delights.

Having trouble making it to the nearest greeting card shop?  There are plenty of great options available online nowadays, including some with incredible artwork at the center of the design.  Thumb through one or two sites to find something that fits the two of you – funny or sappy – and then shoot it over to your honey’s email box.

Classic Movies
The two of you probably have an extensive collection of flicks you’ve enjoyed over the years, meaning you can pull a favorite down from the shelf and pop some popcorn for one of the easiest of these ten Valentine’s Day gifts that are cheap or free.  Even if you don’t have dozens of great films to choose from, you can probably find a black-and-white romance in a bargain bin at your nearest superstore.

Some people would just as soon spend the evening wandering through a bookstore as trying on clothes at a designer shop, which is why you’ll want to see if you can find your reader a great new selection to devour in his or free time.  Most stores have discounted books on display, allowing you to find one or two choices for less than $10 within your dearest’s favorite genre.

Ultimately, the best of these free or cheap gifts is just a few hours alone.  It seems like it’s nothing, but it is actually one of the most valuable resources anyone can share with someone.  Turn off your cell phone.  Avoid the TV.  Take a walk together away from the distractions of modern life and just enjoy each other.  Your sweetie – and you – will be very glad you did.

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