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The joy of Valentine's Day lies not only in spending quality time with the special person, but also show your love through gifts. The day, when the entire world celebrates love and experiences the magical feeling, is also the perfect occasion to shower your beloved with gifts that they would cherish forever.

The more closer you can reach to your beloved's heart, the greater will be the mutual happiness. Valentine Gifts are the best way to tell your valentine how well you know her and how much you care about her. Other than chocolates and bouquets, there are other gifts that can help you win her over!

We have compiled a list of Valentine's Day gifts for you to decide what suits your loved one the best.

Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts

Sweethearts Photo Collage
Sweethearts Photo Collage Frame

Capture all the wonderful memories of you and your loved mone with our Sweethearts Photo Collage Frame. Showcase them inside your very own custom designed frame featuring your names alone!

$ 45.95
Heart Rock Personalized Canvas
Heart Rock Personalized Canvas Print

Love cannot be erased when cast in stone...and there it shall remain forever in our unique and exclusive canvas print. We capture mother nature in her infinite beauty with these authentic, heart-shaped stones washed ashore.

$ 24.7
Sealed with a Kiss Personalized Boxers
Sealed with a Kiss Personalized Boxers

Forget Tighty-Whities! Nothing says Sexylike the look of your guy in a pair of freshwhite cotton boxers. The look literally defines masculinity! Tell the man you love he looks as good out of his clothes as in them with a personalized gift of our Sealed with a Kiss Boxers.

$ 31.7
Blue Personalized Fleece Blanket for Couples
Blue Personalized Fleece Blanket for Couples

Our luxuriously, soft The Warmth of Love Personalized Fleece Blankets are wonderfully constructed of super-soft, micro coral fleece making it a popular choice for rest and relaxation. You have to feel it to believe it!

$ 29.95
Warm Hearts Personalized Fondue Set
Warm Hearts Personalized Fondue Set

Forget Swiss cheese, the best fondue sets are all about chocolate! This personalized fondue set is the perfect ending to any romantic dinner. Enjoy whatever type of fondue suits your fancy with our exclusive fondue set, complete with any 2 names with a heart in the center of them.

$ 37.9
The One I Love Personalized Bud Vase
The One I Love Personalized Bud Vase

Express your love to the woman in your life with our exclusive and unique Personalized Bud Vase. A loving piece she will proudly display on her desk or dresser!

$ 31.85
Hers Embroidered Luxury Fleece Robe
Hers Embroidered Luxury Fleece Robe

Super soft luxurious touch micro-fleece robes are always a favorite! For bedroom, bath or casual lounging, wrap yourself in pure comfort! Our soft pink robe is custom embroidered with any first name, monogram or single initial, available in your choice of Block or Script font.

$ 98.85
Hugs & Kisses Personalized Frame
Hugs & Kisses Personalized Frame

Share Hugs & Kisses with each other every day inside our exclusive Hugs & Kisses Personalized Photo Frame. The creative design and graphics are delicately laser-engraved on a handsome oak frame, then custom personalized with your first names for a lasting and memorable keepsake for years to come.

$ 27.95
 Hearts Candy Jar
Conversation Hearts Candy Jar with Hershey's Kisses

Write your own conversation hearts! Our exclusive candy jar is custom personalized on the front with your own special messages creatively etched inside 5 conversation hearts.

$ 27.45
 Personalized Keepsake
You're All I Need Personalized Keepsake

Sometimes the sincere and simple words are all that is necessary to express your love. Our quality crafted, clear lucite block features beveled edges to beautifully reflect light around the heart mosaic design.

$ 19.95
 Personalized Photo Puzzle
Pieces of Love Personalized Photo Puzzle

Let someone special "piece together" the love that you share! Send any snapshot and we will reproduce it on a sturdy, white cardboard puzzle and coordinating gift tin, perfect for convenient storage and personalized presentation!

$ 32.95
 Personalized Gift Tins
Personalized Gift Tins - Sealed With A Kiss

Show your sweetheart just how sweet they are with our Sealed With A Smooch Personalized Kisses Tin! We'll custom personalize the exclusive design with any 3 line message followed by any 1 line personalization below.

$ 24.95
 Red Hots Candy
Prescription For Love with Red Hots® Candy

For the ailing and love sick, we have just the right prescription for a romantic prognosis! Gift set includes two amber-colored medicine vials and two 6 oz. "movie size" box of delicious Red Hots® candy to heat up your condition!

$ 16.45
 Circle of Love Personalized Suncatcher
Circle of Love Personalized Suncatcher

A shining example of everlasting affection to brighten your every day! Our wonderfully unique and romantic Frosted Glass Suncatcher expresses your feelings and adds a personal touch to a special bright window in your home!

$ 15.95
Canvas Wall Art
Personalized Canvas Wall Art - Heart of Love

A heart full of love lives forever in our lastest creation of personalized canvas print. Our artists capture your first names and creatively mold them into the shape of a heart that becomes yours alone! Add an optional date and your piece of art is now a lasting memory and keepsake to enjoy and treasure through the years.

$ 42.95
Personalized Linen Pillow
Kiss Me GoodnightPersonalized Linen Pillow

It's the little things that keep romance going strong - like never forgetting to kiss each other goodnight! This elegant linen pillow creatively displays your first names in an elegant classic font, while Always Kiss Me Goodnight, or any message you choose is gracefully scripted across the center.

$ 33.95
 Personalized Mug Set
We Go Together Like... Personalized Mug Set

Choose from 8 designs and classic phrases to perfectly match yourselves together! Our fun and creative We Go Together Like... Personalized Mug Set features sculpted heart handles to complete the romantic design.

$ 26.95
Personalized Photo Box
Our Special Moments Personalized Photo Box

Those special moments you share become your treasured memories. The places, the celebrations, the quiet weekends - capture them all inside our Personalized Photo Keepsake Box.

$ 36.95
Loving Heart Engraved Heart Wine Stopper
Loving Heart Engraved Heart Wine Stopper

Our shimmering Heart Wine Bottle Stopper is personalized with the couple's first initials delicately engraved in the silver heart top for a personal touch to start and end a romantic dinner and evening.

$ 24.15
Heart-Shaped Massager
Any Message Personalized Heart-Shaped Massager

Our personalized Heart-Shaped Massager allows you to discover the many ways to their heart, shoulders, neck for play time or any time! eatures built-in massage "power tools" to rescue and recharge tense and knotted muscles and stimulate the senses.

$ 28.7
Photo Cube
To Love You Personalized Photo Cube

We will create a lasting keepsake for you to enjoy through the years as you update special photos of the many happy times you share in our exclusive To Love You Personalized Photo Cube.

$ 32.95
Embroidered Luxury Fleece Robe
Just For Him Embroidered Luxury Fleece Robe

Super soft luxurious touch micro-fleece robes are always a favorite! For bedroom, bath or casual lounging, wrap yourself in pure comfort! Our black robe is custom embroidered with any first name, single initial or monogram available in your choice of Block or Script font.

$ 98.85

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Romantic Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Romantic Valentine's Day Gift Ideas February 14th is always a tough one to shop for‐do you go for the candy and card or find something out of the ordinary? When it comes to Valentine gifts, though, you can either go very right or horribly wrong.

Because it is love's own holiday, it seems like couples feel much more pressure than on any other time of year. So, how do you brush off all the stress and come out on the top?

Take a look at these four tips to master the mojo of a perfect present:

  1. Think about your sweetheart's needs, not just the wants.
    Some of the best gifts are those that are unexpected, yet fit the bill perfectly. Look at what he or she does every day. Is there an item that might make things easier?

    If your boyfriend is a runner, for example, he might enjoy having a Nike+ chip to put in his shoes and measure his distance down to the meter.

  2. Does your girlfriend love wine?
    Find an automatic bottle opener that pulls the cork out in one piece every time. This type of ideas seems so straightforward; it is almost unbelievable that your dearest will like them. Trust your instincts.

  3. Take something old and make it new.
    Nothing says a love is timeless quite like bringing a classic item back to life. Let's say your wife has a book she's read so many times the binding is worn out. Why not take it to be a specialty store to have it bound again‐maybe in a nicer cover this time?

    Show her how important it is for you to see her able to enjoy the things she does over and over again. By the same token, a husband might have an old saw in his hobby shop that is worn down. Have it sharpened up and he will be overjoyed to know he can keep right on working on his crafts.

  4. Find a unique subscription to broaden your love's horizons.
    Once again, paying attention to what your sweetie takes an interest in will do a lot for making your shopping easier. Wine or beer lovers, of course, would enjoy deliveries of new brands to help them find fresh flavors.

    Those who enjoy cooking on the grill might want access to a different spice mix to send their taste buds wandering. A clotheshorse could like access to deep discounts or free shipping at an online retailer via membership privileges. By doing this, you give them something pleasing the whole year round, instead of just one night in February.

  5. Write a series of letters and create a scavenger hunt.
    Sentimental types love to reflect on how much relationships grow over time. Take a few hours over the course of several weeks to jot down your thoughts about your sweetheart in a range of categories‐honesty, courage, humor, etc.‐and then string them out around the house with little clues that lead him or her from one to the other.

    If you want to go to extremes, you could enlist some of his or her friends to deliver them over the course of the day. It takes some work, but the smile you get at the end of the day will be well worth it.

    There's no day of the year that sets the hearts aflutter quite like February 14th. No matter whether you've just started dating or have been together for decades, the scramble for valentines day ideas is part and parcel of being in a relationship. Though love is certainly built on more than our ability to shower presents on the object of our affections, a well-thought-out purchase can go a long way to showing just how well you know that person. That sort of emotional intimacy is the foundation for the type of lasting connection that leads to "Happily Ever After".

More Conventional Romantic Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

  • 1. Chocolates: In any form, in any shape, in any taste. This conventional, age old, yet so unique and so new gift is considered V-Day certified gift by lovers all across the world. Chocolates are divine, decadent and are closely associated with love and romance. It arouses sensuousness and is one of the main causes of the adrenalin rush. Hence the moment you gift a bunch of chocolates to your sweetie on the special day, his/her mood will be set and you will be having a cozy and amorous time together.

  • 2. Flowers: If by the term, a bouquet with red/pink roses is coming to your mind, then try to think out of the box. Apart from that fresh natural beauty, you can think of paper roses or plastic ones, as an epitome of everlasting love. Sounds quirky? Well, romantic as well. If your partner feels so, tell him/her those golden words: "I will love you till the roses die". Hence he/she will understand the depth of your emotions and will accept it with a smile. Don't forget to spray some perfume on it for an aromatic effect.

  • 3. Perfume: That can a wonderful option for your stylish and fashion conscious partner, don't forget to know her/his choice of fragrance before you hit the store. Tell him/her that the liquid might finish off, but the aroma will last long, just like your love. If she deeply loves you, ask her next year and confirm-she will be keeping the bottle, as a symbol of your feelings. Will not this be a return gift for you- What say!

  • 4. Gift Box- Off course full of gifts-mind you! You can show how much you love your honey by making this handmade gift especially for him/her. Show your creative side and decorate the wooden/metal box purchased from outside with colorful sand papers, or crepe papers. Bring colorful paints and draw hearts and kisses to give a romantic look to the entire box. Fill it with chocolates, candies, cup cakes, candles and lots and lots of love in form of notes and poems inside it.

  • 5. Spa gift vouchers: Very trendy, as well as romantic. If possible buy two such vouchers together so that you can spend some quality time with each other. Pamper yourselves through the masseur and get rejuvenated with scented oils and lotions. Relax your mind with your partner, as you two get lost in conversations for those lovely hours.

Best Valentines Day Gift Ideas For 2015

  • 1. A String of Love Notes : This may take some time to set up, especially coordinating how they are delivered, but this romance-as-scavenger-hunt is the kind of sweet touch everybody enjoys. Depending on how involved you want to get, you can involve your loved one's friends and family in the process, allowing them to get in on the fun. You might start with a short message of fond appreciation, and then work through two or three more loving thoughts before ending with a reservation for your favorite dinner spot.

  • 2. Unique Jewelry : It's hard to argue that women want something that sparkles, but another pair of earrings or a shiny tennis bracelet might be a poor choice. This is where paying attention to her sense of style comes in handy‐a local artisan could create a one‐of‐a‐kind bracelet for her incorporating both of your favorite colors. Of course, men wear rings and necklaces, too, so you might do a little research to see if there is a symbol of some significance he would like to display every day.

  • 3. Personalized Clothing : Though your first instinct might be to make a T-shirt with your pictures and "Together Forever!" emblazoned on the front, you would be wise to consider something a little different. With the wide number of services available through the Internet nowadays, you can create a design that highlights their trademark phrase‐as long as they find it funny‐or design something that reflects their affinity for a certain team that will be completely different than anything else out on the market.

  • 4. Monthly Subscription Services : No, this is not an opportunity to have your girlfriend start reading Beef and Bacon Report, it's a way to get your significant other an item they love the whole year round. If they like wine or beer, you would be able to secure them a different variety every few weeks, expanding their palate while reminding them of you. It is very tempting to go with the most straightforward when it comes to this, but you can find options for almost any taste‐everything from sports gear to sexy underwear‐and the more personal your choice, the better.