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Sweetest Day Gift Ideas

Sweetest Day Gifts are a vital part of the sweetest day celebration. The orphans of the city are always neglected. The homeless, the sick and the old are generally not given much of importance. So, in Cleveland a confectioner started Sweetest Day sixty years back. During the great depression in 1921 Cleveland made candies and distributed it among the orphans. Since then the third Saturday in October is celebrated as Sweetest Day. Candies and chocolates are the main Sweetest Day Gift items. Along with the candies different other things are also given.

Many believe that the celebration of Sweetest Day was incorporated due to commercial interest. On this day people buy huge amount of candies and chocolates from confectionaries. Even if it had commercial interest still it became a noble cause. The feeling to bring a smile in the face of the needy is very different.

But today the celebration for Sweetest Day is no more restricted to the sick and the poor. This day is regarded as another Valentines’ Day. This day is all about buying gift, making chocolates and spending time with your loved ones.


Gifts for Sweetest Day

Different gifts can be made for this special day. But you can also buy several items as Sweetest Day Gifts. Few gifts items for this day are:


  1. Chocolates
  2. Candies with marshmallows
  3. Flowers
  4. Chocolate roses
  5. Candles
  6. Teddy bears
  7. Assorted chocolate cup cakes
  8. Black forest
  9. Toys
  10. Cards
  11. Silver Heart Toggle Bracelet
  12. Mini Silver Photo Frame
  13. Photo Art 3-D Lucite Sculpture
  14. Special from... Baking Stickers
  15. Love Crystal Bell
  16. Satin Kimono Robe
  17. Burning Love Candle Tin Set
  18. Heart Jewelry Box
  19. Gigantic Edible Fortune Cookie
  20. Sweet Candy Jar


Things to be remembered while you buy gifts for the Sweetest Day
This day is very special so few things should be remembered while you shop for the Sweetest Day.

  1. The gift should be made special. It can be an expensive or cheap gift. But it should be something special.
  2. While you talk to your loved ones pay attention. Find out what he/she needs. Try to gift that as a Sweetest Day gift. This will make the impact better.
  3. The gift must be special for both of you. Like if you both love traveling, give a traveling book. With this kind of gift you will also strengthen the relationship.
  4. Specialize any moment. You can make use of a photograph of any special event. Such gifts become precious for lifetime.
  5. Remember to personalize your gift for the sweetest day. Add a special message. Write a small poem and attach it to the gift.


Special gift ideas
The gift may not be expensive but you can make it special by giving your special touch.

  1. Personalized throw pillow: Throw pillows are unique gifts and you can personalize them by putting a picture including you both. You can quote the pillow by adding “Be Mine” on it.
  2. Make a book from lovebook.com. Fill the book with cute pictures. This book will show how deeply you love him/her. Different books of different prices are available. So, you can choose the right kind of love book that suits your choice.
  3. You can buy a music collection which is preferred by you both.

This way you can personalize the gift items and give it to the one you love.

Candies for the orphan
We cannot forget that initially Sweetest Day was observed as a day for the sick, old and orphans. So, you can buy candies and distribute it among the ones who need them the most. The confectioneries also make special candies for this occasion. So, it’s time to visit the candy shops and get the best.

Home-made gift items
Home made gifts are always preferred over branded gifts. Even if you buy the most expensive gift for the loved one, any home made gift item is much more preferred. These gifts put a special touch and the gesture is much more appreciated. Sweetest Day is the time to make the gift personalized.

Crafts on Sweetest Day
Children make wonderful crafts on the Sweetest Day to mark the special occasion. Few mentionable crafts are:

  1. Tiny Secret Box
  2. You're Sweet Tarts
  3. Sugar Cube Sculptures
  4. Flower of Candy

On a Sweetest Day the menu can be made for appetizer: Amazing Meatballs, Shrimp and Sweet Potato Mini Kabobs, Baked Apples with Feta and Thyme. The dessert can include the following: Sweet as Kisses Pie, Sweet Tooth Cake, Sweet Berry Dessert and Sweet Potato Butterscotch Chocolate Chip Cookies. Over all this day is to enjoy and have fun. No matter where you are you should try to spend few hours on this day with you near and dear ones.