Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas

Long distance relationships are hard, but not impossible, to maintain. Many people have built up successful relationships with people living far away. Even wedded couples can keep their romance alive in spite of a distance gap. All it requires is the knowledge to maintain a sweet, personal touch over a distance. And gifts are one of the best ways to do this. It feels nice for long distance lovers to get a gift from their sweethearts from time to time.


Great Gifts for Long Distance Relationships

If you are looking for some good gifts for a long distance relationship, these tips can be of help to you.

Flowers - Flowers make one of the best romantic gifts for long distance relationships. Sign up with any of the online flower websites. Buy a nice bouquet of the flowers of your sweet one's choice and send it to his/her workplace. You can send it on his/her birthday or even without any occasion. Lovers like to be surprised. And flowers form lovely, fragrant surprises.

Greeting Cards - Warm your special one's heart with greeting cards. These days, it is easy to purchase a greeting card of your choice from any online site. You can personalize it as you wish and send it to your lover using the services provided by such sites. Greeting cards teamed with flowers can make great gifts for long distance lovers.

Cookies and poems - Mail a pack of cookies to your lover. Put a handwritten love poem inside this and your sweetie will be bowled over.

Pictures and jewelries - This one is for the guys. Shoot some snaps of yourself and mail it to your lady love. Send a heart necklace along with this. These necklaces are very popular among lovers. Put your photograph and hers inside. She will love the gift. It is one of the most amazing gifts to send when you're in long distance relationship with a girl.

Gift baskets - Purchase a beautiful gift basket from any of the online shopping sites and send it off to your sweet one's home address. This will be a remarkable gift if you can send it on Valentine's Day.

Audio CDs - What does your sweetheart love listening to? Buy a couple of CDs of his/her favorite artist and send as a gift. If you are good at singing, you can croon some of these tracks yourself and make a CD of them. You can also recite love poems addressed to your lover before singing each track. It will make an awesome romantic present.

Show tickets - If possible, buy the tickets of an upcoming concert or sports event at his/her place from online. Send it as a gift and surprise your sweet one. It will make our partner understand and appreciate that you are keeping yourself aware of what is going on in his/her place.

Long Distance Relationship Gifts for her

She was once in your arm. But today she is away from you. Don't you need to send her a token of your love? Yes, you do. So, pick up one of these long distance relationships gifts for her and ask her to come back to you. Some of the lovely long distance gifts for her are:

  1. A bouquet of red roses sent through website shopping portals
  2. A chocolate box containing assorted chocolates
  3. A cute Soft toy with some lovely messages in a box
  4. A romantic Greeting Card for her
  5. A photo frame containing your and her picture together in it.
  6. Record your voice in a CD or Video stating the reasons why you love her
  7. Send some gifts with nostalgic memories of her attached to it


Long Distance Relationships Gifts for him

He is a darling of yours. You miss him every day and night. All you want is to be with him all over again. But, since you can't do so, let your little gifts reach him as a part of you. Some romantic long distance relationships gifts for him are:

  1. Fill 365 chocolates in a gift box with a sweet romantic message on each of them.
  2. Consuming these chocolates on each day, reminds him of you.
  3. Write romantic poems for him and send it to him throughout the year.
  4. Prepare a video of yours and tell him all about your god and naughty days with him.
  5. Make him recall those beautiful moments spent with you.
  6. Make a collection of some of his favorite music and send it to him in a CD
  7. Make a Collage of pictures with you and him and your great days together
  8. Write a diary with a love letter for him on everyday. Pour your feelings out in this diary. Send this diary at the end of the year to him.

These are some of the little gifts to send when you're in long distance relationship. Use your grey cells to be creative and think out what your partner will like best. Don't let distance be a factor. Celebrate your romance to the hilt!