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Christmas Gifts for Her - Top 10 Gift Ideas

When the holidays are fast approaching, hitting the stores for the perfect present becomes everyone’s chief focus – no wonder the stores are so crowded, right? 

If you are at a loss when you go out shopping for the woman in your life, take this list of the top ten Christmas gift ideas for your girlfriend along to help you choose the right item. Not only will it save you the infuriating guesswork, you will decrease the headache of navigating the aisles of your nearest mall – you’ll be able to go directly to the proper store and purchase the gift you have in mind!  A quick and easy shopping trip!  It’s every man’s dream!


Of all the gifts on this list, a lovely trinket from the nearest jewelry store will always be one of the first things you’ll think about buying your girlfriend.  It goes beyond simply making sure she has sparkly accessories to wear out on the town: women just love a nice pair of earrings or an elegant necklace.

For some savings, go beyond the retail experience in search of a local jeweler or take a class in the arts district of your town to create something more personal.

Weekend Getaway

With all the stress and pressures that come with modern life, chances are both of you could use a break from it all.  Though you might not be able to get away from the office right at year-end, you can still place a “coupon” for a few days separated from the rest of the world in a box.  Set a definite date a month or two away, when the Christmas holiday is well and truly settled, then promise to turn off your phone and leave your laptop behind.  Time spent reconnecting like this is priceless to her.


When it comes to gadgets, most people assume men are the only people who salivate over the latest tech toys – but that’s not true at all!  Gals love their iPods and smartphones just as much as guys do!  The key with making this idea a winner is understanding what her needs are.  Is she a savvy social media star or just a woman looking to keep up with the trends?  By carefully selecting a Christmas gift that is both stylish and fun to use, you will have done more than just picked up a great present – you’ll have made her life easier.  (Who doesn’t want that?)


It’s no secret that women are more in tune with the look and feel of their homes than men are.  You have probably noticed all the subtle touches she has added to make every room in the house look just right – like the bath towels that are not to be used for drying your hands, right?  Regardless of how “put together” the room seems to you, she probably has another piece or two in mind.  A tasteful print from a local artist or a copy of a classic work from one of the masters might be just the thing to perfect her design.


It might seem odd at first, but this Christmas gift can go one of two ways: functional or fashionable.  Much like the previous note on artwork, your girlfriend may be looking for a nice coffee table book to act as a centerpiece in the living room.  A collection of pictures from a world famous gallery would be a great option, though an A-plus item would be something tuned to her interests – whether it’s cats or cars or anything else.

However, if you are dating a voracious reader, adding to her collection of soon-to-be consumed titles will make her smile.  Nothing makes a bookworm happier than a fresh feast for the mind.

Monthly Deliveries

Want to give her a gift that keeps on giving all year long?  Pay for her to have a particular item shipped to her home for the next twelve months.  The expansion of the worldwide web means there are all sorts of options available for any number of hobbies or interests.  You could go the easy route, say, and pick up a “Chocolate of the Month” subscription or show her how well you know her by having sustainably-produced wine that aggressively maintains green delivery practices dropped off.

Personalized Photobooks

Yes, it’s the digital age and most people put their pictures on their favorite social media platform, but sometimes it’s nice to have a physical copy of your shared memories.  There are a handful of great companies online that will allow you to upload your photos and create a completely customized professional-looking album for reasonable prices.  All you have to do is figure out what snapshots you are going to use and in what order, then you are well on your way.

An Appointment at the Spa

Everyone likes to feel taken care of and, try as you might, there is nothing you can do to make her feel pampered quite like a professional will.  Set up an afternoon for her to get a manicure and pedicure, then spend an hour (or more) having all her cares rubbed away by the soothing touch of a massage therapist.  No matter what she says, there are few Christmas gifts better than allowing your girlfriend to relax – and if you join her for a couples’ massage, all the better!

Stuffed Animals

Very few people have not received a charming plush toy at least once on December 25th, so why not reignite those childhood memories by giving your girlfriend a teddy bear for Christmas?  (We all do become kids again during the holidays, after all.)  You could opt for the traditional or go with something completely out of left field – if her favorite animal is the snow leopard, for instance – to make sure you select something intensely personal.

Shopping Sprees

In a pinch and you still can’t figure out what to buy?  Set aside the amount you would have spent to take your girlfriend out for the afternoon and pay for whatever she wants (within your limit, that is).  Walk around as a willing assistant, too, giving her your opinion when asked and carrying the bags without even so much as a whimper of discontent.  She will love every second of it!

Find below the awesome collection of Christmas Gifts that you can personalized and give it your own touch to make this Christmas special for your girlfriend.

Christmas's Day Gifts

Watercolor Snowman Personalized Doormat

Extend a warm welcome to holiday visitors with our elegant Watercolor Snowman Doormat! Watercolor artist Ellen Wehrmann has created an exclusive winter scene, featuring brilliant colors and intricate detail, just for you and your loved ones!

$ 16.05
Personalized Holiday Wicker Basket

Make a lasting impression with our personalized Holiday Embroidered Wicker Basket! The ruby red liner is beautifully custom embroidered with any family name or message you choose surrounded by white snowflakes. Makes a creative and personal gift idea you can fill with all sorts of goodies for you and yours to enjoy!

$ 24.45
Personalized Photo Jigsaw Puzzle Christmas Gift - Horizontal

Show them how much you care this holiday season with a treasured photo puzzle that will include their favorite grandchildren, family portrait or cherished family pet. Send any snapshot and we will reproduce it on a rectangle puzzle, along with your choice of an easy 25 piece puzzle for beginners, or a highly challenging 262 piece version.

$ 20.95
Christmas Family Personalized Stockings

Create a warm welcome for Santa with our festive Christmas Family Personalized Stocking Collection! Santa is sure to know whose is whose, with each family member's name artfully embroidered in snow white thread across the top.

$ 20.95
Personalized Cartoon Character Christmas Magnet Lawn Sign

Our exclusive cartoon figures are dressed as Santa's little elves depicting each family member - including pets - with everyone's first name appearing underneath.Across the top, we feature your address and family name below. Choose grandparent, adult, youth, or baby figures, male or female, light or dark complexions, specific hair color and cats or dogs.

$ 23.05
Christmas Tree Personalized Photo Frame

Make this Holiday Season a lasting memory with our Christmas Tree Personalized Photo Frame. Custom personalized with any 3-line message within our exclusive design for a favorite holiday decoration to bring out year after year.

$ 20.25
Merry Christmas Personalized Door Banner

Extend Christmas greetings to friends and family with our exclusive Merry Christmas Personalized Door Banner.We personalize this fun door banner with any two lines of personalization and a family name or couple's names.

$ 17.45
Embroidered Santa Hat

Outfit the entire family and all your friends in their own Embroidered Santa Hats. These fun and festive Personalized Santa Hats look great for family Christmas photographs, Holiday parties or simply enjoying Christmas morning together. Your Personalized Santa Hat is a soft and comfortable plush Santa hat adorned with a plush pom-pom and trimmed with white fur.

$ 16.98
Our First Christmas Personalized Glass Picture Frame

The trees will be glistening in white snow and the two of you will be looking your very best this Christmas when you give a Personalized Our First Christmas Glass Picture Frame to your Mom & Dad, Grandma & Grandpa or Aunt & Uncle. A splendid glass frame sure to look absolutely adorable in any home.

$ 29.98
Personalized Snowman Welcome Slate Plaque

Decorate your home in holiday cheer with a unique slate plaque featuring a romantic winter scene. A beautiful accent for your home to welcome friends and family during this heartwarming time of the year. Your Personalized Holiday Natural Slate Plaque measures 12" x 10". Each natural slate plaque arrives with a leather strap for wall hanging. Includes FREE Personalization! Personalize your slate plaque with any one line custom message.

$ 29.98
Photo Holiday Card

Nothing says "Happy Holidays" then a photo of your smiling faces on a Holiday Greeting Card. Our holiday cards are available on our 7 7/8" x 5 5/8" card and include free personalization. Just simply upload your favorite digital photo.

$ 85.98

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