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Personalized Friendship Gift Ideas

Friends always capture a very important place in our lives. We share everything with them, be it our sadness or our happiness. Gifts are the wonderful expressions of your love. Be it the birthday of your friend or any other occasion, a gift of friendship can enhance the significance of the day to a great extent.


Have you ever thought about personalized friendship gifts? They are the unique gifts, which carry your personal touch. There are a number of gift ideas for your friend, but when it comes to uniqueness, you cannot deny the fact that the personalized friendship gifts are not only attractive, but they also make your friend feel special. Is your friend going to another city, present him or her a personalized gift and make him or her remember your friendship forever.

Given below are some suggestions for personalized friendship gift ideas.

  • Photo album: You can bestow a photo album upon your friend. This is an ideal gift to capture and seize the moments of your friendship. You can personalize the photo album many ways. For example, you can decorate the frame creatively such as you can add some colors on it or you can make a painting on the frame. You can further decorate the photo album or frame with silk flowers.
  • Personalized coffee mug: Is your friend coffee buff? If yes, then you can present him or her a beautiful coffee mug. You can personalized it with glass painting or presto. Glass painting is something, in which you can pour out your imagination and skill. Or if you want to do something unique, you can go for presto. Presto is an art, in which a live photograph is drafted on the coffee mug.
  • Personalized T-shirt: Buy a plain one colored T-shirt and personalize it with your creativity. This is one of the most useful personalized gifts, you can present to your friend. You can write or paint anything on the T-shirt. For example, if you paint BBF (Best Friend Forever) on the t-shirt, it will mean a lot to your friend. You can write simple messages on the t-shirt, ranging from a message for your friend to a friendship quote, but your friend should identify with it.
  • Slam book: How about a slam book! This is one of the best personalized friendship gifts, which you can gift to your friend. Your friend will not only like it, but he or she will cherish it for the rest of his or her life. You can capture every moment of your friendship with photographs and at the same time, you can write your comments on the moment. Do not forget to ask other friends to comment in the slam book.
  • Key ring: You can gift a key ring to your friend. You can make the ring by your own. Buy a simple key ring and design it with glass painting. You also can write your personalized message on the key ring, for example, ‘To My Best Friend’ or ‘BBF’ etc.

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