Birthday Gift Ideas for Friends

When the calendar turns over for another year, it is more than just tradition to give someone presents – it’s a fun way to show a buddy how much you value them! 


If you are drawing a blank on what the best choice would be, have a look at the top ten birthday gift ideas for friends. 


Not only will you have a much better chance at making the right selection, you will be able to reflect how well you know your pal.  And, depending on what you choose, you might get to enjoy the item with them!

Songs and Albums

Friends often share the same tastes in music, which is why you might have a good idea which bands your pal would like.  Maybe you can find a group that’s on the rise and buy a CD.  You might see about asking them what tickles their fancy and then load it on their MP3 player.  Whatever direction you go, there’s a lot of great ways to hook your buddy up with some tunes.

An Item to Cherish

You know your pal really well, right?  If you want to demonstrate how close the two of you are, then pick up something you know they will be excited to receive – especially a gift that will fill an empty slot in a collection he or she loves.  It could be comic books or stamps, basketball jerseys or ballerina figurines, just be certain it is something with a high potential value.  What does that mean?  You would be smart to do some research online before you buy.

A Drink or Two

The thing about great friends is that having a cup of liquid can often lead to deep conversations.  By picking up something to sip on, you’ve already created another opportunity to share what’s on your mind with each other.  If your pal is a fan of beer, see about grabbing a local microbrew.  Does he or she love coffee?  Search for a good vendor nearby – you might be surprised how many there are – and give your friend a better cup to help wake up in the morning.


Do you and your buddy share a love of a particular team or music group?  Why not see about getting seats at the next game or performance?  Regardless of how much you enjoy things from a distance, being live is a fantastic way to really experience things as a fan.  The fact that you’ll be able to do so together makes it that much more special.

Something to Eat

We all know the way to someone’s heart is through the stomach, but the value of a plate of food goes far beyond a free meal.  Having dinner with a friend is a great birthday gift idea, either at your home or at a great restaurant.  Since the two of you are guaranteed to have some time together, it is a wonderful way to enjoy fine cuisine with a dear friend, too.

Forced Pampering

Life moves pretty fast.  You have to step back and smell the roses from time to time, yet most of us forget to do it a lot – which is why we are all so stressed.  Help your friend get a break from it all by handing him or her a birthday gift for an hour-long massage.  Setting aside all the soothing effects of a good rubdown, sixty minutes away from ringing phones or email notifications is valuable in and of itself.

New Clothes

Remember when you were younger and you shared T-shirts with your pal?  Though you have probably stopped that now that you’re grown, you can still help your friend out with a present to go in his or her closet.  Since you spend so much time together, you’ve probably got a good sense of what your pal likes to wear.  Use that to your advantage and give him or her the perfect item to complete a wardrobe.


Unless your friend is on a diet, obliging a sweet tooth is a perfectly acceptable birthday gift idea.  You wouldn’t want to go for cake, obviously, but it is well worth picking up a box of chocolates or even a particular fruity treat.  When you are making this kind of selection, you want to be positively certain it is a candy your buddy likes – but you probably already know exactly the right one, don’t you?

A Free Hour or Two

Time is the most valuable resource any of us have.  No one has found a way to get it back, which is why setting aside time in your calendar for your pal is a birthday present worth giving.  You will be able to catch up on what’s new in each of your lives without any distractions.  Plus, if you decide to shut off your phones, you can really get into all the details over coffee.

Purchasing Power

In the old days, getting a friend a gift card was considered bad form – all you were doing is showing them you cared enough to get a present but not to search for it.  With the expansion of shopping on the worldwide web, it is much more common nowadays.  If your friend lives somewhere else, it’s a secure way to give them the ability to get exactly what they want.  If you’d just like to go shopping with your friend, then you can hand over the card and say “Let’s go spend it!”

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