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New Year Gifts for Boyfriend

As the calendar turns over from one year to the next, it’s natural for you to turn your attention toward the hope and promise a fresh twelve months brings.

In order to help the man in your life seize on that, get him one of the top ten New Year gifts for your boyfriend.

You will have already spent a chunk of change on him for Christmas, but those presents will typically have more of a fun feel.

When you are giving your boyfriend something on January 1st, usefulness is the guiding principle (but they should still be somewhat enjoyable).

Breakfast in Bed

Gifts For Loved Ones

What better way to start off the year than with a relaxing morning?  If the two of you were up late the night before enjoying the revelry, a quiet meal to take in the first bit of sunshine and chat about your plans will be an ideal beginning to the next chapter in your adventure.  Cook up his favorites and pour him a cup of coffee or tea, then deliver everything with a big smile on your face.  You’ll be greeted with a grin just as wide.

Inspirational Calendar
It may seem a bit cheesy, but one of the most logical New Year gifts for your boyfriend is also one of the best.  It’s no secret that we can all use a push to keep going from time to time.  As he tackles a host of new challenges, being able to look over and find a classic quote or uplifting message may be just the shot of energy it takes to spur him over the wall.

Changes in diet are a staple of the New Year, whether it is to lose weight or just feel healthier.  If your boyfriend has decided to shift the way he eats, then help him get going by purchasing a cookbook with dozens of tasty recipes.  The most difficult part of making this kind of change is always the feeling you are missing out on your old staples, which is exactly why he will appreciate you backing his efforts up with a smart gift like this.  And, as a way to get more time together, you can offer to join him in the kitchen.

Gear for His Resolutions
The best New Year gifts for a boyfriend show how much you support his goals.  Whether he is planning to complete a marathon or learn how to snowboard, he will have some needs for appropriate clothing and equipment.  Who better to help him build a solid foundation for life change than the person he is sharing his life with?

This can take on many forms, depending on what your guy is getting himself into.  If he is doing his best to shed a few pounds, then a couple of athletic shirts to work out in would be good.  Is he planning to write a book?  Get him a voice recorder or moleskine notebook so he can keep track of all his random thoughts.

Help with His Taxes
Lost in all the optimism of New Year’s Eve is the reality that the tax man will soon come calling again.  For most people, the idea of giving even more over to the government is enough to make them seek out every deduction possible but, unless your boyfriend is a professional, chances are he will miss potentially valuable opportunities to recoup money that’s rightfully his.  By hiring a professional for him, you guarantee he will get the most back possible without having to face an audit in the future.

Something New to Try
When an old year ends, many of us are overcome with the desire to be more adventurous over the next twelve months.  Give your guy the chance to indulge his wild side by making plans to take on a new activity or two.  Enroll in salsa dancing classes.  Book a skydiving expedition.  Learn how to rock climb.  Whatever it is that will get his adrenalin flowing – and allow the two of you to hang out – is a great option.

Organizational Items
A New Year is a great opportunity for someone to grab hold of the details of life and put them in order (whether they want to admit they are a mess or not).  What you can do, to help him get in the mood to take control of the clutter, is pick up some small items – boxes, a datebook, bookcases – that will give the project a solid start.  Not only will he be more likely to follow through, he’ll be that much more likely to enjoy the process because of your thoughtfulness.

Luxury Skin Care
Men, for the most part, don’t take care of their biggest organ all that well.  You might have dozens of products taking up space in your bathroom, but chances are he has little more than shaving cream and after shave lotion.  See if you can find a full kit to help him take better care of his face, as it is what he puts forward to the rest of the world.  In many cases, you can find good products allowing him to clean and moisturize in trial sizes for less money, which will help him pick up the habit without costing you an arm and a leg.

Solid Read
Books are one of the greatest assets in personal transformation, whether you are learning about someone or immersing yourself in a fictional world.  As he begins the New Year, a great gift to give your boyfriend is a wealth of information he can use every day.  One of the most popular subjects for men is personal finance, as it gives him the tools to put a strategy in place that grows his portfolio – and makes things a little bit more secure for the both of you.

Gift Cards
If you aren’t quite sure about the rest of this top ten, then go for the default present every man enjoys: the ability to spend someone else’s money exactly how he wishes.  You may feel like it is a cop out, but he will see it as a sacrifice on your part for his own happiness – instead of buying what you think he likes, you will be empowering him to get what he wants.  The difference is small but, when it comes to New Year gifts, very significant.