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Christmas Gifts for Boyfriend

When Santa Claus is comin’ to town, chances are you will still be out doing your best to determine the ideal Christmas gifts for your boyfriend.

The combination of guys’ tendency to be rather silent on what they like and the pressure to pick out the perfect present can be incredibly frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be.

If you know your man well, you can figure out what to buy without too much effort.  Still a bit confused about the best way to go?  Here are five christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend that will score you major points:

The Grooming and Pampering Kit
Though the macho-ness and ruggedness be a strongly desired trait and suite, yet treating oneself to a grooming and pampering session is never a bad idea. One thing that your manly man does need is a grooming kit that transforms him from rugged to suave in a jiffy. Off goes that scratchy beard and hello Mr. Bond, couple the grooming kit with hygiene and care essentials; there you have it the perfect gift for you man.

Adventure Gear
For those ladies who have with them the adventure freak, your work is half done. What better gift to give then adventure gear. It could be trekking shoes, mountaineering kits or even tents. There is no way that you can go wrong with this, you just need to gift your man adventure gear that suits his tastes, and we assure you that he will love you for them. After all you are the lady love of his life for a reason.

Personalized Souvenirs
Another great idea to gift in the holiday season is to get personalized gift items. The idea is to keep the gift as classy as possible and adding the subtle twist of making it personalized. Ranging from autographed gear to etched, all that you can possibly think can be personalized. Well who knows your man better than you do so swing out the creative bug in you and think of something that is not only unique but can be made even better by personalizing it.

Indulge his Hobbies
Every man has that one thing that he indulges in, so you have to be the woman of his heart and only add to that love. It could be music, to bike riding, to travelling; gift him something that he could use and he is bound to love it. Could be a leather jacket, or a distortion set, you know what your man loves and desires, so finding something this Christmas that adds to his passion earns you super brownie points

Office Gear
For the working professionals, gifting him things that put him across as the smart business savant is a great idea. Could be a cool new office bag or any other thing that you would like to see him carry around. It does add to his hotness quotient now doesn't it, for who doesn't like to see a well-dressed man, carrying all the right things.

Electronic Gadgets
This seems like a no-brainer, because every man is still a little boy that likes new toys on some level.

What sets you apart from the average girlfriend that picks up some specialized headphones from the nearest big box retailer, is your ability to choose an item that makes life better for him.

Let’s say, for example, he’s an avid runner. Why not pick out a heart rate monitor with GPS integration so he can track his time, distance and exertion?  If it integrates with his phone, all the better!

New Clothes
Guys often wear the same thing over and over and over again, which is often a cause of concern for the woman in his life.  When you decide to pick out some new threads for his wardrobe, you have to be careful not to make it seem like you are asking him to change into something different.

If he’s got a vintage slacker style, he’s not going to be happy with you buying him a dress shirt and tie.  However, if you opt for an aged-looking Jethro Tull T-shirt, he might jump up and down.  Get something you would like to see him in, just make sure it fits his sensibilities.

An Evening with the Boys
Yes, you are the top priority in his life.  Yes, it seems odd to set him up with his buddies instead of you.  Yes, he will love you more because of it.

Though he certainly loves having a relationship with you, there are times where men (and women) just need a night with their friends to reconnect to the “good old days.” 

If you set this up, not only are you showing him how much you respect his need for camaraderie, you are displaying security in his feelings for you – and he won’t be the only one to notice: the guys will like you more, too.

A Few Drinks
Assuming your guy is of legal age, he would probably love his favorite beer, wine or spirit to be under the tree.  However, if he’s the adventurous type, he will probably be much happier if you find something new for him to try.

Many retailers offer the possibility of creating your own sampler pack and, with the expert advice available, you might be able to pick the staff’s brain for the best choice for your boyfriend based on what you already know he likes.

Tickets to an Event
You probably want him to have something on the actual day, but making an advance purchase for a later show or game will help him to see how in tune you are with his interests.

If you secure tickets to see his university play in March Madness, a basketball fan might just love you forever.  Grab seats for his favorite rock band?  He will have you right alongside to jam along with him.  These kinds of details, simple as they are, really hit guys in the heart – and make them more likely to give good Christmas (or other) gifts to you.

Send your love to your boyfriend by picking a best Christmas gift from below list and make his Christmas more special by including a personal message engraved on your Christmas gift.

Personalized Christmas Gifts for Boyfriend

Watercolor Snowman Personalized Doormat

Extend a warm welcome to holiday visitors with our elegant Watercolor Snowman Doormat! Watercolor artist Ellen Wehrmann has created an exclusive winter scene, featuring brilliant colors and intricate detail, just for you and your loved ones!

$ 16.05
Personalized Holiday Wicker Basket

Make a lasting impression with our personalized Holiday Embroidered Wicker Basket! The ruby red liner is beautifully custom embroidered with any family name or message you choose surrounded by white snowflakes. Makes a creative and personal gift idea you can fill with all sorts of goodies for you and yours to enjoy!

$ 24.45
Personalized Photo Jigsaw Puzzle Christmas Gift - Horizontal

Show them how much you care this holiday season with a treasured photo puzzle that will include their favorite grandchildren, family portrait or cherished family pet. Send any snapshot and we will reproduce it on a rectangle puzzle, along with your choice of an easy 25 piece puzzle for beginners, or a highly challenging 262 piece version.

$ 20.95
Christmas Family Personalized Stockings

Create a warm welcome for Santa with our festive Christmas Family Personalized Stocking Collection! Santa is sure to know whose is whose, with each family member's name artfully embroidered in snow white thread across the top.

$ 20.95
Personalized Cartoon Character Christmas Magnet Lawn Sign

Our exclusive cartoon figures are dressed as Santa's little elves depicting each family member - including pets - with everyone's first name appearing underneath.Across the top, we feature your address and family name below. Choose grandparent, adult, youth, or baby figures, male or female, light or dark complexions, specific hair color and cats or dogs.

$ 23.05
Christmas Tree Personalized Photo Frame

Make this Holiday Season a lasting memory with our Christmas Tree Personalized Photo Frame. Custom personalized with any 3-line message within our exclusive design for a favorite holiday decoration to bring out year after year.

$ 20.25
Merry Christmas Personalized Door Banner

Extend Christmas greetings to friends and family with our exclusive Merry Christmas Personalized Door Banner.We personalize this fun door banner with any two lines of personalization and a family name or couple's names.

$ 17.45
Embroidered Santa Hat

Outfit the entire family and all your friends in their own Embroidered Santa Hats. These fun and festive Personalized Santa Hats look great for family Christmas photographs, Holiday parties or simply enjoying Christmas morning together. Your Personalized Santa Hat is a soft and comfortable plush Santa hat adorned with a plush pom-pom and trimmed with white fur.

$ 16.98
Our First Christmas Personalized Glass Picture Frame

The trees will be glistening in white snow and the two of you will be looking your very best this Christmas when you give a Personalized Our First Christmas Glass Picture Frame to your Mom & Dad, Grandma & Grandpa or Aunt & Uncle. A splendid glass frame sure to look absolutely adorable in any home.

$ 29.98
Personalized Snowman Welcome Slate Plaque

Decorate your home in holiday cheer with a unique slate plaque featuring a romantic winter scene. A beautiful accent for your home to welcome friends and family during this heartwarming time of the year. Your Personalized Holiday Natural Slate Plaque measures 12" x 10". Each natural slate plaque arrives with a leather strap for wall hanging. Includes FREE Personalization! Personalize your slate plaque with any one line custom message.

$ 29.98
Photo Holiday Card

Nothing says "Happy Holidays" then a photo of your smiling faces on a Holiday Greeting Card. Our holiday cards are available on our 7 7/8" x 5 5/8" card and include free personalization. Just simply upload your favorite digital photo.

$ 85.98

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