Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Anniversaries are all about having a look back on where you started, think over on where you are today and to look forward to the coming years. But how do you capture that in a GIFT? Choosing the perfect anniversary gift for him is not easy. You start running out of ideas! Many opt for perfume, socks, ties and pens, etc. But don't you feel these items are not the perfect anniversary gifts for him? So, you must really be creative in choosing the gift for your boyfriend or husband.

While choosing for anniversary gifts for him, you must opt for something that symbolizes the particular anniversary. You must also consider taste and style and choice of your beloved as well. You want to see the delighted face of your husband/boyfriend when he will open the gift packet. There are countless anniversary gift ideas which you may consider before buying. Just read ahead, and begin right away.

Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

When you are trying to pick up something for the man in your life, though, it is very easy to get stuck - but this list of the anniversary gift ideas for your boyfriend will help you pick out something great during your shopping expedition. (Just keep in mind, it is supposed to be great in his eyes, not yours.)
  1. Books
    You might not be keen on giving him an excuse to pay close attention to something else instead of you, but this is the ideal gift for a bookworm boyfriend. Do a little reconnaissance to figure out who his favorite authors are or what genres he enjoys, then head online or to your nearest bookseller to search for new treasures for his collection. Want to make it an activity you can enjoy together? Select a book on relationships to help the two of you improve your connection over the next year.

  2. New Clothes
    If your boyfriend is like most guys, he will wear a shirt or pair of pants until it falls apart at the seams. Yes, this is an opportunity for you to dress him as you would like, but you have to find a careful balance between the sharp-looking attire of the fashion conscious and your guy's personal taste. What does he wear to work? What does put on to go out on the weekends? Use your answers as guidelines for your final choice. You are well within your rights as girlfriend to polish up his image, but don't push too far or your carefully-selected item will be worn once or twice before being shoved to the back of his closet.

  3. Seats at a Game or Concert
    It doesn't matter who you are dating or what your man is into, every boyfriend has a team or musical act that captures his heart almost as much as you do. Why not give him the chance to enjoy both at the same time? Getting him tickets to the next match-up between his favorite franchise and a big rival is perfect, as is making sure he is close to the stage when the band he adores rolls through town again. The fact you will be there by his side (unless you would rather send him with his best friend) is a big bonus.

  4. Recreate a Date
    By its very nature, an anniversary is the perfect time to reminisce about how much things have changed - and this is one of the best anniversary gift ideas for a boyfriend that is the sentimental type. Do your best to recall your first date or, if it wasn't all that special, one that you still think about to this day. Where did you go? What did you eat? How did it end? See if you can pull together all the details and surprise him with a trip down memory lane.

  5. Let Him Make Beer (or Wine)
    Who doesn't love a tasty beverage alongside a good meal? It might seem funny to you, but many guys spend time wondering what it would be like to brew their own beer or produce homemade wine. Somewhere in a man's DNA, the concept of tinkering with something,anything is built in. And, with the growth of the worldwide web, there are a plethora of resources available to help him get it right (or close to it) the first time - just realize you are going to be a guinea pig for the taste tests.

  6. Gear for His Hobbies
    Everyone needs something to take their mind off the stresses of everyday life. Maybe your boyfriend fancies himself an amateur carpenter or part-time triathlete, for example. That's great! Support his interests by picking up an item that will help him engage in his hobby better and he will be over the moon when he opens it.Things that have a practical use may not seem all that fun, but anniversary gift ideas for your boyfriend are best when he can see himself using them over and over again. Your fitness buff will flip for a GPS-enabled heart rate monitor to track his workouts with - and he will think of you every time he puts it on.

  7. Give Him a Thrill
    Are you dating an adrenaline junkie? Sure, telling someone to take a flying leap is generally a bad thing, but when you are in a relationship with a thrill seeker, he will love you for it. More than any other anniversary gift ideas on this list, this one shows how well you know your man. If he enjoys rock climbing, see if you can schedule a trip to Yosemite so he can tackle Half Dome. Is he interested in skydiving? Connect him with a local company - just hope he doesn't make you go with him!

  8. Make Him Disconnect
    Let's be honest, the modern relationship is assaulted on all sides by pressures at work and distractions from technology creeping into every aspect of our lives. Having so much going on makes us all crave time away from the busy world, even if we don't admit it. Take away his phone and hide his laptop for the evening (or longer, if you can get away with it), then spend a few hours pampering him as much as possible. Pour him a drink. Give him a massage. Let him complain about his boss (but only for a little bit). Once he allows himself to slow down, after an hour or so, he will be left wondering why he didn't think of doing this on his own and focus squarely on you.

  9. Write Out Your Thoughts
    Today's society, governed by 140-character snippets of information delivered at lightning speed, seems to have lost the desire to compose something that requires more than a half-second's thought. If you sit down and draft a letter for your boyfriend filled with all your feelings for him, you will have given him a priceless anniversary gift - a peek inside your own heart. Describe what you admire. Let him know how much he has made your life better. He'll cherish the gift for the rest of his life.

  10. Let Him Make Beer (or Wine)

There are many more anniversary gifts which you may consider for him. But, whatever you choose, make sure it is in his favorite's list.

Gift Ideas for Husband

Want to surprise your husband? Use some of the anniversary gift ideas for husband. They'll work wonders.
  1. Spoil Him
    Shower your sweetheart with some big and some small gift boxes. Know which gadget (laptop or mobile or Ipod) he needs the most and keep it in the big one, and some other random items in the small ones. Gift him those things that hold a special place in your relationship. Some things that only the two of you know and share. It will definitely earn you major brownie points!

  2. Feed Him
    A food gift is another interesting and creative anniversary gift idea for husband. You obviously know what he likes to eat. So right from breakfast to dinner, treat him to his favorite food, all day long! And if he's a fan of chocolate, give him a box of his favorite chocolates or get a photograph of the two of you designed on bar of chocolate as a perfect gift!

  3. Personalized Gifts
    Personalized gifts is another great way of expressing your love for your husband on your anniversary. Make a scrapbook of the things that you have preserved. Movie tickets, photographs, gift wrapping papers, restaurant bills and trips you took together, etc. After all, anniversary is meant to remind you of all the great times that you have had as a couple?

  4. Travel Gifts
    Your man must be a one who is traveling long distances. Obviously, you are not there to care for him. So, let the little comforting travel things stay with him so that he stays fit and organized. With these travel romantic gift ideas you can win his heart all again. Some necessary travel gifts for him include passport holders, card holders, travel bags, talking translators, luggage tags, adventure packages, key chains, travel pillows, travel blazer, binoculars, travel mugs, travel gadgets and umbrellas. If your man is always moving outside and traveling from one place to the other then it is quite natural that he is meeting many people in one go. For such times, it is important that he should look good. His appearance can be a concern for you as well. Gift him smart cufflinks, ties, pens, etc that matches his style of clothing, appearance, and personality.

  5. Romantic Getaways
    You can surprise him by arranging a romantic getaway. Plan to take him to his favorite vacation destination be it Hawaii or Las Vegas. Your plan will definitely leave him spell-bound. Celebrating anniversary in a romantic vacation destination is an amazing experience. Both of you will have plenty of time to share personal moments together.

  6. Give Cards
    Sending a personalized e mail to your husband in the form of an e-card is both a novel as well as a unique idea as an anniversary gift for husband. On the e-card you can write his favorite quote from either a song or a poem that is cherished by both of you. The amalgam of an e-card and a romantic dinner is something that both of you will cherish throughout your married life

Reliving the Moments

A collage of several landmarks of those wonderful years of wedded bliss will both be a unique and a touchingly poignant anniversary gift for him. You can even create a DVD of all the personal and interesting moments of matrimony to shape out a moving saga of visuals.

There are umpteen number of options as far as anniversary gifts for men are concerned, but onus lies with respective spouses to endow them with a personalized flavor of love and passion. He is the one you're meant to be with, so show it to him, with all the love and passion that you feel for him. Happy Anniversary!

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