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Top 10 Anniversary Gift Ideas

A milestone like an anniversary is about so much more than marking that another year has passed. It is about celebrating your love, and acknowledging the importance that your significant other has in your life. Planning a romantic anniversary gift will show your loved one that you still have just as much passion for them as you did on the very first day that you met.


1. Just the Right Bouquet
It’s traditional to give bouquets of fresh flowers on romantic occasions, but you can always make yours stand out by investing a little more into the experience. Each type of flower has a symbolic meaning attached to it, and so you can choose a bouquet that will create a tableaux for your partner of all the meaningful emotions that you share. Spend a little more on your bouquet to get one that’s gorgeous and impressive.

2. Jewelry and Watches

Gifts For Loved Ones

There’s a reason why jewelry is a popular anniversary gift: it’s beautiful, stylish, and valuable, and it signifies the great worth that the giver places in the relationship. Don’t be afraid to get a set of lovely earrings for your wife, or an expensive watch for your husband, just because many other people do it as well. Nobody is going to be disappointed when their loved one presents them with a gift that shows them just how much they’re valued.

3. Dreamy Vacation for Two

A romantic getaway might be just the thing to rejuvenate your relationship, and your anniversary is the perfect time to arrange one. If you and your spouse have been married for a long time, going on a second honeymoon is a romantic and meaningful way to spend your anniversary. Or if you and your spouse never got the chance to have a honeymoon, now can be the time!

4. Gifts of Intimacy

True love transcends the physical, but everyone who has been in a long-term relationship knows that intimacy is essential to keeping the flames of passion alive. If you and your partner need some more excitement in the bedroom, use your anniversary as an opportunity to spice things up with adult items or sexy lingerie. Just be sure to be considerate and get a gift that is centered around your partner’s needs, rather than your own.

5. Ticket to Relaxation

If your spouse or lover suffers from stress or never has enough time to indulge in the activities that they love, helping them to accomplish relaxation is probably the nicest anniversary gift that you can give. Get them a gift certificate for the spa, tickets to see their favorite team, or a season pass for an amusement park that they enjoy. What better gift than showing them that you will always support their interests?

6. Classic Candlelit Dinner

Especially if you don’t go out very often, a delicious meal at a high-class restaurant is a great way for the two of you to relax and connect on your anniversary. But if you really don’t have the money to go someplace posh, you can recreate the experience at home! Get a friend or relative to watch the kids for the night, and cook up a masterpiece that you and your partner can enjoy in your own dining room.

7. Book of Memories

Nothing is more valuable than the memories that you and your loved ones share. Putting together a scrapbook or home video that showcases all the wonderful things in your life is a great thing to do for a major anniversary, especially if you’ve been together for a long time. Use what you create to show your partner how your life would never have been the same without them.

8. Fabulous Shopping Spree

Does your significant other enjoy shopping for clothing? Tools? Comic books? Sporting goods? Think about their favorite hobbies, and get them a valuable gift certificate for that one store that you know they can spend hours in. Or better yet, go with them to the store on your anniversary and tell them to pick out anything that they want. Your consideration for their likes and dislikes won’t be forgotten any time soon!

9. Works of Art

If you’re talented creatively, you know that nothing is more personal and passionate than the poems, drawings, or songs that you create. Sharing this with your lover is a great idea for celebrating your anniversary, especially if you plan in advance to make something special just for them. You can use your artwork to express all the emotions that you can’t put into words, including your feelings for your significant other.

10. Declaring Your Love

In case you don’t have lots of money to spend on your anniversary, but you still want to show your partner that your heart is filled with love, you can always proclaim it to the world! Create a banner to hang outside your house, make a video to post on the Internet, or call your local radio station to dedicate a song to your beloved. He or she will always remember how you were willing to pour your heart out in front of everyone, just to describe how meaningful your life is because of your relationship.

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