Short Friendship Story

Life is short but the life of friendship is supposed to be long and everlasting. This short friendship story makes you understand what friendship is and what you should keep in mind when someone offers you his or her friendship. You must already be familiar with this short story about friendship. But you are advised to go again through this short friendship tale. It will make a fact about friendship clearer for you. You may find in this short story related to friendship an important truth that you had not paid much attention to till now.

A short story on friendship

Go through this short friendship story that tells much about the meaning of friendship.

Once upon a time a Lion was sleeping in his den when a little Mouse began running up and down upon his body. This soon wakened the Lion.

Greatly angered, the ferocious beast placed his huge paw upon him, and opened his big jaws to swallow him.

"Pardon me, O King," the little Mouse begged for forgiveness: "let me go this time. What will you get if you kill me? Besides, who knows but what I may be able to help you when you meet some crisis someday?"

The Lion was amused at the idea of the little Mouse being able to help him. He lifted up his paw and let the mouse go. The little mouse thanked the lion and ran away as fast as he could.

Soon after this encounter, the Lion was caught in a trap laid by some hunters. He tried and tried to free himself from the terrible net of ropes that he was caught in. But all his efforts proved futile. He roared and roared in anger and helplessness. He knew that death was imminent. At the first light of the dawn, the hunters would arrive and carry him off to the King.

When the little Mouse heard the lion's cries, he immediately understood that the king was in some great danger. He ran fast in the direction where the lion's cries were coming from. Soon he arrived at the spot where the lord of the jungle was trapped. Seeing the sad plight in which the Lion was, the mouse went up to him and soon gnawed away the ropes that bound the great beast.

The mighty lion understood that even the smallest creatures can be of help if the need arises. That day on, the lion and the mouse became the best of friends. They were always there for each other.

Never underestimate friends

This short friendship story makes you understand what friendship is all about. One should never underestimate friends because of their size or position. We must be friends with all kinds of people, even with those who are inferior to us in size, rank or social status. This is the message that you will get through this short story on friendship. So never ignore the offer of friendship from anyone whom you consider beneath yourself in any way. One never knows who may help you in your times of need.

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