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Inspirational Friendship Stories

Friendship Day is the holiday dedicated to friendship, the bond that often inspires you to do the impossible. Here is an inspirational friendship story that motivates you to become a better friend and a better person. This inspirational story about friendship tells of a famous incident from the life of Socrates.

Keep faith on your friend

Friendship is not about celebrating life with friends. It is about being there for your friends. When you are friends with a person, it is expected that you will stand by him or her. Your friend is supposed to get your absolute trust.

It goes without question that you will keep faith on your friend. That you will never be swayed by doubts and rumors. This motivational story on friendship is an example of how a person should never listen to false information about his or her friend.

Read this inspirational friendship story. It tells you how a true friend should act even in the absence of his or her friend.

Motivational story on friendship

One day, a man came to Socrates. He told him that he had something to tell him about one of Socrates' friends. But Socrates was a wise man. He could understand from the expressions of the man that he had nothing nice to tell about his friend.

So he asked the man to take the "Triple Filter Test".

"What is a Triple Filter Test?" asked the curious man.

Socrates replied that the Triple Filter Test was a test of truth. He told that to pass this test, the man had to answer only three questions.

"And what are they?" asked the man.

"Firstly, you should tell me that the information you have about my friend is the absolute truth." said Socrates.

The man answered that he was not sure if it was the absolute truth. He had just happened to hear it on the way.

"Tell me then..." said Socrates, "is it something good that you have to say about my friend?"

The man said it was actually the opposite.

"Is it useful to me in any way? Do you think it is going to help me in any manner?" asked Socrates again.

The man replied in the negative.

Then Socrates declared that the man was not able to pass his "Triple Filter Test".

"If the information regarding my friend is not true, good or useful, then why it should be conveyed at all?" he said. And then he left the place.

Avoid talking behind your friends' back

This highly inspirational friendship story tells how a friend should behave. It teaches the true worth of friendship and inspires you to become as good a friend as Socrates. In life, you may often come across information regarding your friends. But there is none better than you to tell how good or bad your friend is. This motivational story about friendship goes on to show how much you should avoid talking behind your friends' back. Such information often belongs to loose gossip. They are neither true nor helpful to you in any way. These bad rumors only strain your relation with your friend and ruin your friendship.

Share this inspirational story on friendship with all your friends and have a nice Friendship Day.

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