Funny Friendship Stories

Friendship fills your life with fun. Check out this funny friendship story that gives a valuable advice through an amusing tale. If you are looking for funny stories for Friendship Day, you will love reading this amusing story on friendship.

Good friends always help each other

Life is complicated. And it is something you feel everyday. There are times when you cannot decide what you should do. It is at times likes these that you feel the need of having friends. Good friends always help each other with their timely advices. This amusing story about friendship lets you understand this truth in a fun way.

A Funny Friendship Story

A long time ago, there was a group of goats who were friends with each other. They lived high up on the hills and were satisfied with whatever food that they could get. They shared their foods and lived happily in the company of each other.

One day, as they looked up from above they saw some farm goats grazing below in the fields below. They came down to meet the farm goats and be friends with them.

When the farmer who owned the farm goats saw this, he was very pleased. He invited the wild goats warmly to his home.

"Come to my home," he said to the wild goats, "I have prepared a really nice meal for you all."

The friends talked with each other. They discussed about the farmer's invitation among themselves. They decided that they should go to the farmer's home, even if it was only for once.

That night the farmer entertained the wild goats to a grand feast. The goats were very happy. But as they were enjoying their meal, they found that the farmer had only given scraps to his own goats.

"Now we know why the farmer has treated us to this feast," they said to each other. "He is hoping that we would join his herd and make it bigger."

And that is what the farmer had really thought. When he finally proposed to the goats that they could join his herd, they declined it instantly.

"Why?" cried the farmer, "did I treat you badly? Did you not enjoy the meal? Did I insult you in any way?"

"No, you did not. We enjoyed your feast. But we saw what your own goats had," the wild goats answered. "If we stay with you, we will soon starve like your own goats."

The advice of friends

This funny friendship story gives an important message in a light-hearted way. If you are alone, you can be deceived easily. But when you are with friends, you can consult them and decide your future actions. It is only your friends whom you can discuss your problems and actions with. At every difficult point of life, it is only a friend that you can turn to for help. The advice of friends is what helps a person get over many problems in life. So you should always remain connected with friends. You can consult with your friends if you cannot decide important things for yourself.

If you enjoy this funny story about friendship, remember to narrate it to your friends.

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