Friendship Day Wishes in Many Languages

?Friendship is a unique relationship which cannot be defined with certain boundaries. The meaning of friendship can be different for different people but it shares the same feelings. Different regions celebrate Friendship day in different ways. They use different languages as per the region to give their Friendship day wishes. Friendship day wishes in many languages may sound or appear different, but they mean the same and share the same emotion.

Some of you may be conversant in foreign languages and may recognize the Friendship day wishes in many languages too.

Word 'Friend' in Different Languages:

A friend is precious and so is your friendship with him/her. Delight him/her with some of the various languages used instead of using the word ˜friend.

  • Albanian - mik
  • Afrikaans - vriend
  • Chinese - pÃngyou
  • Dutch - vriend, vriendje
  • Danish - ven
  • Estonian - sõber
  • Filipino(Tagalog) - kaibigan
  • French - ami
  • German - freund
  • Georgian - megobari
  • Hungarian - barát
  • Indian - dost
  • italian - amico
  • Irish - cara
  • Japanese – tomodachi
  • korean -- jingu
  • Latin -- amicus
  • Manx -- carrey
  • Old English -- freond, wine
  • Persian -- dust
  • Russian -- prijátel
  • Sanskrit -- mitra
  • Spanish -- amigo
  • Swahili -- rafiki
  • Turkish -- dost,arkadas

Wish Happy Friendship Day in different languages:

There are some translations for Happy Friendship Day in various languages which you can check out.

  • سعيد بيوم Ø§Ù„ØµØ¯Ø§Ù‚Ø â€“ Arabic
  • 快乐友谊日- Chinese
  • JournÃe de l'amitià heureux- French
  • gelukkig Friendship Day- Dutch
  • glücklichen Tag der Freundschaft – German
  • amicizia giorno felice- Italian
  • feliz dia da amizade- Portuguese
  • счастливый день дружбы- Russian
  • día de la amistad feliz- Spanish

Say ‘you’re my best friend’ in different languages:

Want to tell your special friend that he/she is your best buddy? Well, no problem as we have some cute translations for telling the same to your friend. Tell him/her right away that “you’re my best friend”. But let the person wonder, what you just said to him/her, only to discover later what it means.

  • لديك أفضل صديق لي- Arabic
  • ä½?我最好的朋友 - Chinese
  • Moje nejlep...¡Ã­ kamarádka - Czech
  • Deres min bedste ven - Danish
  • votre ma meilleure amie - French
  • Mein Bester Freund - German
  • μου σας καλύτερος φίλος- Greek
  • あなたは私の親友- Japnese
  • Мой лучший друг- Russian
  • 당ì‹?의 가장 친한 친구- Korean
  • חבר ×לך ×”×›×™ טוב ×לי- Hebrew

There may be many languages, but the feelings that you share with your friend cannot be different. Often good friends don’t even need to speak as most of it is expressed through eyes and expressions. A true friend in fact need not wait for a verbal communication to know how much you care and love for him/her.

When you want to wish a happy Friendship day to your dear friend or friends, just open your heart and say all that you have wanted to say to him/her but couldn’t really do so. Friendship wishes in many languages can help you convey your feelings in a trivial way if your friend is not aware of the language.

It is interesting and at the same time, a fun activity to find out the translations of your wishes for your friend in various languages. All you need to do is pick out some of the translations and surprise your friend with interesting Friendship day wishes in many languages.

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