Friendship Day Prayer

"A friend is someone who is there for you when he'd rather be anywhere else." -Len Wein

Friends are the most treasured gem in everybody's life and friendship is the bond that keeps two hearts close to each other. Say a sweet little prayer for your friend wishing him/her every happiness in the world through friendship day prayer. Dedicate the prayer to your friend will all faith in your bond and invoke the divine blessings from God upon your friend. Light the candle of love and warmth in your friend's life with a prayer for friend. Wish your friend a "Happy Friendship Day" with a little prayer that will strengthen the bonds of your relationship and lift up the spirit of your friendship. Spread the magic of love, faith, unity, warmth, and peace into your friends' life with a friendship prayer.


Best Friendship Day Prayers


With your friend even the unspoken words and the silence finds meaning and is always understood. Read out the prayer loud to your friend and restore the faith of your relationship on friendship day. Let us have a look at some of the friendship day prayer:

1. Dear Lord,
If I could only be,
Worthy of one wish from Thee.
I would not ask for wealth or fame--
For I have more in Jesus' Name;
I would nor ask for homes and lands--
My treasures lie in Jesus' hands;
I would not ask for health or food--
For thou dost give me all that's good;
But I would that I could see,
Just how the greatest friend to be
To one Thou'st given me to love,
Both here and in our Home above--
That, Lord, the love Thou hast given me
Might fill his life and soul, that he
Will never question, never fear,
My love for him is just veneer--
But man each time I clasp his hand,
Feel friendship true, and understand
That of Thy many gifts I see,
He is a precious one to me.

2. got down on my knees today,
And said a prayer for you,
For you are always in my heart,
And I often think of you,
I asked the Lord to send his angels,
To protect my dearest friend,
I prayed that all the joy and happiness,
You have will never end,
I asked the Lord to comfort you,
When you are feeling blue,
And when you have a tear,
He'll wipe away that too,
I asked the Lord to bless our friendship,
So our ways will never part,
For true friends always stick together,
For we're in each others hearts.

3. God Make me worthy…

It is joy in life to find at every turning of the road,
The strong arm of a comrade kind,
To help me with my onward load,
And since I have no gold to give,
'Tis love alone must make amends,
My only Prayer is while I live
"God Make me worthy of my Friends"

Keep the love alive, the faith restored and the friendship strong with friendship day prayer.

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