Friendship Day Party Ideas

Friendship day are awaited by friends so they can celebrate this special day with each other. This is the day when you can take time out of your busy life and go back the carefree days of your school/ college life. Friendship day party is the best way to bring all your near and dear friends together under one roof on this special day and enjoy each others company.

You can have a general party or throw a lavish one inviting all your lovely friends. There are several things which need to be done before throwing a Friendship day party for your friends. Some of which are:

Planning a Friendship Day Party

If you are a party animal you already know a lot about planning a party. But when it comes to planning a Friendship day party, there are a few things which may slip out of your notice. Some of the general guidelines for a Friendship day party are stated below.

General Guidelines for a Friendship Day Party

  1. Have an attractive invitation: You can attract your friends with some amazing invitation cards. Some of these invitation cards may include a picture of all your friends, some favorite caption of your group and so on. If you are in a hurry, technology can be of great help to you as you can invite your friends via text messages or emails too.
  2. Fix a great location for the party: You can have the friendship day party at one of your nostalgic locations, where you and your gang had some memories attached to it. You can also select some place where you can make a lot of noise and have fun together.
  3. Time for the Party: Fix a convenient time, so that all your friends can turn up for the party. You must inform the time to your invited friends and get their approval on the time selected for the party.
  4. Selection of Food and Drinks: This is indeed a very important part of Friendship day party. You must hand pick some of the favorite delicacies of your friends by recalling their choice of food and drinks.
  5. Trivia's and Games for Friendship day party: A Friendship day party should not be a boring one and must include some interesting trivia's and games which bring back memories of your togetherness.
  6. Theme for the party: You can have a themed Friendship day party for your friends. It will indeed be interesting to come dressed in same theme.
  7. Music and Dance: Have some musical function so that all of you can participate and have fun with each other. You can include some of your group's favorite when selecting the right songs for the Friendship day celebration.


Apart from all these there are a few special things which you can do for a Friendship day party. Some of these are:

Special Friendship day party guidelines

To make your party a little different, you can have the following things:

  1. A walk down the memory lane video
  2. A talent contest
  3. Photographs of your olden days as decorations
  4. Surprises for your friends
  5. Sharing special moments about each other with all.
  6. Thoughtful gifts for each other. Etc.

There are many more ways in which you can have your Friendship day party. All you can expect is a memorable day with your excellent friends in this amazing party.

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