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Friendship Day Party Games and Activities

There are many Friendship Day Party activities and friendship day party game that can make your friendship party memorable. On friendship day many old and forgotten friends meet together after a long time. A little planning and arrangements skills can help you in making it one of the best celebrations of your life.


Friendship Day Party Activities

Make this friendship party special. When there are many friends with you on this day, thinking and planning for activities is not all that tough.


  • Remember the good times: Remember the good times and speak your heart out. Some silly but beautiful experiences can change the environment in no time. There is no technique of making that happen successfully. Simply let the feelings pour in from all sides!
  • Outdoor camping: Visit different sites for the purpose of various outdoor sports like beach volleyball, baseball, basketball, rugby, swimming, etc. there can be other outdoor camping activities suggestion that your friends can suggest. Arrange and plan them accordingly.
  • Thoughts sharing: It has been long since you shared some feelings and experiences. Why not make it as one of the interesting friendship party activities. It's a wonderful way to relax and enjoy in a company of god friends.
  • Poster making: Poster making can be one of the best Friendship Day Party Game ideas that can actually be very enjoyable. Paint the picture of your friends or their names and notice their smile as reciprocation to your feelings. This calls for creativity. It's an easy way to make out who is creative and to what extent.
  • Music and dance: Music and dance in the friendship day party can be a real fun. Set up some song or tune and let your friends dance to the tune with you.


Friendship Day Party Game Ideas

Without friendship day party games, your friendship party is incomplete. You can come out with many more friendship day party game ideas other than these -

  • Word bubble: This game increases the vocabulary. Provide all the participants a pen and a paper. Assign them three letters. Ask everyone to make as many meaningful words as they can with the given letters. You can repeat the game once you are done with playing one round.
  • Trivia: Do you want to know how many people in the party know about each other? Well, if you don't know then what better way it can be than knowing each other through games such as trivia. Make a questionnaire of about 25-50 questions or topics. Ask all the members to write the answers for those questions. Of course the questions shall be personal. Announce the winner in the end.
  • Stick- balancing: Games like stick-balancing is not only about balancing but it is also about the level of concentration. Ask the members one by one to come ahead and hold the stick on their chin and try to balance it for maximum time. One who manages the maximum time doing this shall win in the end.

So, now you know that there are lots of things to do on the friendship day. Make use of these ideas for friendship day party game and see how much fun you can have. Such games are just the ideas but it's through the members that their true importance in a friendship day party can be felt.

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