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Friendship Day in India

Friendship day in India is very popular among the teenagers and is celebrated in a very large scale. It is a very noble gesture that is observed on first Sunday of the august month in the honor of friends and well wishers. Mostly celebrated in collages and offices in a very enthusiastic and festive mood, the friendship day brings joy and amusements in the youth of India.

In India, it is celebrated mostly in the urban sections of the society. People start preparing from the first week only to celebrate the friendship day with their friends and dear ones.

Friendship Day Band

Exchange of gifts and cards is very popular this day. But, as adapted from the western culture friendship day in India has also, adapted to the western gift styles.

Friendship day band is the most popular exchange of love token on this day. This is usually handmade using colorful threads, ribbons and other crafts items like - beads, pendants and stones.

Many of the gift galleries have also, come with great ideas of exchanging this love token. Friendship day band is like expressing the strong bond between the two people. Friends are inseparable and would be there for each other for each other forever.

Friendship Day Celebrations

In India friendship day celebrations is more confined to the near and dear ones. In schools and colleges the youth exchanges cards, bands and gifts with each other. Your can see an atmosphere of exuberance and excitement among the teenagers and other youth sections of Indian society. Euphoria is set in the school campus. Everyone is in the festive mood and plans are being made for the celebrations.

With the changing scenario of communications - emails, e cards and cell phone texts have become more popular than, the traditional ways of expressing friendship. Friends send SMS to each other and the text messages are written with some notes and quotations. Here are few friendship day messages in India -

"If you open my heart, guess what u r gonna see? It's U. True friends are hard to find so I kept u."

"FRIENDSHIP isn't how U forget but how U forgive,
Not how U listen but how U Understand,
Not what U see but how U feel,
and not how U Let Go but how U hold on!!!

"If u r a chocolate ur the sweetest, if u r a Teddy Bear u r the most huggable, If u r a Star u r the Brightest, and since u r my "FRIEND" u r the "BEST"!!!!!!!!!"

Youth make arrangements for picnics, visit to amusement parks and resultant bookings as; it becomes difficult to get a table in the restaurants. Even, the hotels and food joints offer great discounts on special cuisines prepared on this day. Coffee bars and pizza stations are the most favorite hangout places for the youth to enjoy friendship day party in India.

Movies and musical evenings are also, very popular among the youth. Discotheques and pubs are full on this day. The teenagers enjoy the friendship day bash with their close pals by hitting the discs and movie theatres. Friendship day in India is very much similar to that in the western nations as, the youth exchanges personalized gifts and flower with each other.

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