Top 10 Friendship Day Gift Ideas

The first Sunday in August is a time to celebrate the bonds between two people – and not the kind that result in marriage or children.  Figuring out what to get your best bud can be tough, but this list of the top ten Friendship Day gift ideas can be a major help.


  No matter what your budget, there are plenty of good options here for you to choose from that will allow you to convey how much you value that relationship.


If you’re like most people, having developed a close relationship with someone over the years means you have watched him or her change tastes several times.  You can go one of two ways with this knowledge: 1) you pick up something you know will hit the spot or 2) you choose to make a CD with all the songs that might embarrass him or her on it.  No matter which one you opt for, you will have demonstrated how well you know your pal, which is what Friendship Day gifts are about.


Though we frequently associate a bright bouquet of blossoms with a more romantic relationship, there isn’t a person on the planet who doesn’t like a colorful collection of carnations – or any other flower, for that matter.  This gift is an especially good idea if your friend has been having a rough go lately, as the brilliant reds, yellows and purples will bring a smile to his or her face.

Sweet Treats

Does your friend love chocolate?  Would she eat pie all day if it were possible?  Friendship Day is the perfect time to demonstrate how well you understand your buddy’s preference for different culinary delights.  Even if he or she is on a diet and trying to avoid baked goods altogether, you can send a fruit basket to hit the sweet tooth without all the extra calories.

Something to Sip On

Most friends enjoy a drink together from time to time, whether it be a cup of coffee or glass of wine.  Why not grab a bottle you know he or she will like and wrap it up?  If your friend avoids the temptation of alcohol, then pick up a bag of good beans so the morning “cup of joe” ends up being a better brew for a while.

A Good Meal

Regardless of the occasion, food is a wonderful gift idea – particularly on Friendship Day.  However, instead of spending a bunch at an expensive restaurant, see if you can schedule a time to cook dinner.  The homemade quality and extra attention to detail is the perfect way to show how much you care about a person who has been so important to you over the years.

Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Modern life is filled with pressures and stresses we can hardly escape from.  The intrusion of work on other aspects of the day seems to have become greater and greater with the advent of smartphones and data plans.  Your friend could probably use an afternoon away from it all, so schedule an hour-long massage to soothe aching muscles and sweep the tension from every nook and cranny.

Dress Them Up

What does your friend like to wear?  Is he the type to throw off the dress shirt and tie in favor of a classic T-shirt?  Would she rather put on a nice skirt than a pair of jeans?  Having been around someone for so long, you probably have a good idea of your pal’s fashion sense.  See if you can find a great piece to add to his or her wardrobe, whether it’s an inexpensive item or a luxurious new addition to the closet.

Add to a Collection

Friendship Day, since it is about someone who has been with you through good times and bad, should be a reflection of the depth of your relationship.  Some days, it might feel like you know that person better than you know yourself, which means you probably have special insight about what really catches his or her fancy.  See if you can find a gift that will add to their collection, whether it’s a rare baseball card, cute figurine or simply an empty wine bottle – nothing is off limits if your friend will appreciate it.

Time to Catch Up

One of the most valuable presents you can give anyone is a dedicated slice of time to pay attention to what is on his or her mind.  The great thing about close friendships is that they often pick up right where they left off, no matter whether it’s been a few days or several years.  By calling up your pal and saying, “Let’s make an appointment to shut the rest of the world out,” you are demonstrating how crucial maintaining your relationship is – that’s a big gift.

Gift Cards

If you’ve come to the end of this list and still aren’t clear on the best item for your friend, maybe you should opt for one of the most basic gifts for Friendship Day (or any holiday) around:  the gift card.  You might feel like it’s a bit cliché, but it’s actually like handing over some cash to your pal and forcing them to spend it on themselves.  Even if you have reservations about the idea, you can be sure your friend will be grateful you have decided to take them shopping, whether they live across town or on the other side of the world.