Friendship Day Flowers

Flowers for always have ranked as the most treasured gift for any and every occasion. Celebration and wishing on that very special day is best done through flowers. Therefore, when it comes to friendship day the saga of gifting flower does not fall behind. Express your love, convey your warmth and gratitude too your friend with friendship day flowers. Yellow rose is considered the most sought after flower when it comes to expressing it to your friend through flowers. However, you can actually go ahead and wish your friend a very 'happy friendship day' with any of the flowers of your friend's liking.


Yellow Rose Symbolism

The reason of yellow rose being chosen as the official flower for friendship day lies in its significance. Yellow rose symbolizes 'delight', 'joy', 'happiness', 'friendship', 'remember me', 'I care', 'promise for a new beginning'. In short, the flower symbolizes all the goodness and positives of life.

It is also popularly believed that a yellow rose with a red tip epitomizes the feeling of friendship and falling in love. You can wish your friend love and luck with a pink rose on the very special day. Several other flowers are attached with the occasion of friendship day however, it is the yellow rose that has gained immense popularity and is ceremoniously attached with friendship day. So much so, that even florists market for the most popular and favorite flower of friendship day extensively.

Friendship day Flowers and Symbolism

However, there also other friendship day flowers that you can gift your friend with to express your love and warmth.

  • Carnation (Pink) - I'll never forget you
  • Chrysanthemum - You're a great friend
  • Lily (Yellow) - Thank you for everything
  • Bell Flower (Small white) - Gratitude
  • Iris - Your Friendship means so much to me
  • Ivy - Friendship
  • Daffodil - I send my regards / you are the only one for me

Friendship Day Flower Gifts

Express yourself through flowery; convey your emotions through flowers. Let the flowers do the talking on this very special day as you choose to remain silent. Make your friend feel special and loved through friendship day flowers.


Express your heart out on friendship day and what better than the right flower for friendship day can do the magic for you. Give words to your unconditional love and care through flowers, show them how much you care for them and love the bond of friendship that you share.


Convey your heartfelt emotions, say that they are just like the bunch of these fresh flowers that bring joy and happiness into your life. Flowers have never failed to touch the string of love and the right flower for friends can beautifully sing the note of love on friendship day.


Friendship day flowers will definitely bring upon the smile on the faces, the cheer on the life and the twinkle in the eyes. You can also opt to send friendship day flowers online for friends residing in other parts of the country or as a surprise.

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