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Friendship Day Decoration

Friendship day is the day to celebrate the love and companionship among you and your friends. On this day you just want to be with your near and dear friends and enjoy to the fullest. Friendship day parties are the best ways to bring all your friends under one roof and dwell in the memories of the past. On this friendship day your party should have special Friendship day party decoration to add to the flavor of this day.

For a party on a Friendship day decoration is must. At times such customized decorations tell so many things about the relation that you share with your friends. Friendship day decoration can include a variety of things. Some of which are:

Decoration for a Friendship Day

To plan for the decorations for your Friendship day celebration is a major task: this need to be done much before the function day. Some of the guidelines which will help you to plan for this are:

Select the right venue and check for the space in it: This is very essential, as the space available will decide the decorations which can be done for the Friendship day. If you have a smaller space, the decoration for the Friendship day needs to be chick and smartly done. On the other hand, if you have a bigger space, you can do a lot many things for decorations.

Pick up decorative items: Since the occasion is Friendship day, the decorative items should be chosen as per the main theme of the occasion. You can hand pick some of the goods which have nostalgic memories of you and your gang.

Decide on the budget of the party: You must first decide on the budget as accordingly you can plan your decorations for the Friendship day. If you have a lower budget, you can pick some of the inexpensive stuff which reminds you of your great days of companionship with your friends. If you can afford a larger budget, there can be many more things which can be added to your decorations.

Choose a theme and a color scheme for the celebrations: There can be a particular theme for the party. Your friends can come dressed in the same theme. You can have your decorations too in the same theme. You may also select a particular color theme so as to make your decorations appear in the same theme.

Have boards and signs: You can have colorful boards with Friendship day quotes, motivational friendship messages, and crazy messages to attract and welcome your lovely friends to your celebrations.

Balloon decorations: A Friendship day decoration can certainly have balloons. You can have colorful balloons with amazing messages inside or chocolates to delight your friends. These can be decorated on the gates, on the walls as well as on the dance floors. Balloons are always a great item for decoration on a special day.

Themes for Friendship Day Decoration

Some of the excellent themes for a Friendship day are:

  • Halloween theme
  • Hollywood theme
  • Cowboy theme
  • Prince and Princess Theme
  • Animal theme
  • 1960's theme

You can have the Friendship day decoration as per the theme of the party. Apart from all these you can even have old photographs, videos and mementos to decorate your Friendship day party.

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