Friendship Day Crafts

Friendship Day is the perfect occasion to wrap your friends with the warmth of your gifts. And if those gifts happen to be Friendship Day crafts made by you, they are sure to make your friends feel all the more special.

Here are some assistive Friendship Day craft tips to help you create some awesome handicrafts for you on Friendship Day. Check these out and see what all you can make during the occasion using the least resources.


Friendship Day Craft Ideas


Go through these useful ideas to know about the easiest crafts to make for Friendship Day:

Friendship Bracelet

A friendship bracelet is one of the most traditional crafts to make for Friendship Day. Some readily available materials and lots of love are all you require to construct this marvelous craft.

What you need:

1. A piece of colorful string.
2. Clasps (optional).
3. A pair of scissors.
4. Colorful beads.


1. Cut a piece out of the string as long as your wrist.
2. Tie a knot at one end of the string.
3. Pass the string through several of the beads you have. Make sure that you leave some space at one of the string ends so that you can tie a knot there.
4. When you are done with the beading, tie a knot at the end or fix a purchased clasp.

Friendship Basket

This one is one of the loveliest Friendship Day Crafts. An empty basket and some little decorative articles are what you need to make this fantastic craft.

What you need:

1. An empty basket
2. Ribbons
3. Friendship Day stickers
4. A small Friendship Day banner
5. Glitters
6. Small stars
7. Paint


1. Clean the basket you have.
2. Paint all upper surfaces of the basket. When the paint dries, let the basket rest on its mouth and paint its underside.
3. Glue ribbons to the sides of the basket.
4. Stick on colorful stickers with Friendship Day messages all around the basket.
5. Stick the small Friendship Day banner on the basket in an arch form.
6. Fill your Friendship Day basket with chocolates, candies and other small goodies.
7. Gift it to your friend and watch him/her grin from ear to ear.

Friendship Day Photo Frame

Photographs freeze the best of our memorable moments. Make a nice photo frame for your buddy on Friendship Day.

What you need:

1. A sheet of colorful construction paper.
2. A photograph of yourself with your friend.
3. Glue
4. A CD case.
5. A pair of scissors.
6. A blade.


1. Cut out of the construction paper two square shapes of the exact size to fit into the CD case you have.
2. Using blade cut a smaller square out of the center of one of the two paper squares.
3. Use glue to paste the photo in the hole you made.
4. Pour little drops of glue on the four corners of the two square cut-outs. Remember that you must pour glue on the sides that the picture is facing out.
5. Glue the squares on the inner side of the CD case. Shut the case.
6. Use glitters, beads and ribbons to decorate the photo frame. Hand it over to your friend as a Friendship Day gift.

Friendship Day Crafts are one of those small gestures that show your friends that you care for them. These little craft ideas for Friendship Day will give you some first-hand assistance in making crafts for the occasion. Use your own innovations to add more grandeur to your crafts.

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