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Friendship Day Activities

For anyone lucky enough to possess even one friend, Friendship Day stands as a special time. Here is a list of Friendship Day Activities that you will find very valuable if you are thinking hard what you can do on Friendship Day.


What to do on Friendship Day


Use the social networking websites

It is cyber age and life is moving at a really fast pace, right? So why not make use of the cyber world to reach out to your friends? Almost all of us have our own profiles at the host of social networking websites like Orkut, Facebook and Twitter that exist out there. Surely, you friends are not out of the networking bandwagon? If you can, take the day off from your busy schedule and chat with all your old and new buddies using these sites. Have a virtual meeting with them and check what they are all up to.

Send Friendship Day SMS messages

Make it a point to reach out to all your friends on Friendship Day. Even if you cannot personally meet with them, you have the easiest alternative for it in the SMS. Just write a nice, short friendship message and send it to your friends' cell phone. It will be a short and sweet way of reminding you friend that you are there for him or her.

Meet in person

Arrange a meeting with your friends and drop in at one of your homes. Recollect the old times, catch up a movie together, hang out to some local entertainment spot or dine out together. The options are numerous for you. It is up to you to decide which one suits you the best.

Record a song together

This is one of the most enjoyable Friendship Day Activities one can think of! Gang up at one of yours place with your musical equipments. Record a song together and make a CD out of it. It will be a memento for the years to come. Imagine how nice it will be listening to it when all of you have grown old?

Take a snap of yours together

This is one of the essential activities for Friendship Day. If you meet up with your friends on the big day, do not forget to have someone take a group photo of you all. A better plan is to shoot a short film featuring all of you. A handy cam, a short script and some sincerity is all you need. You can also do away with any fictional script and instead shoot each one of you talking about the other. This will be a superb way to make a memorable Friendship Day.

Catch up with old friends

Friendship Day is not only a time to celebrate with your present friends but also an occasion to connect with old friends, if possible. If you have the addresses of some old pals, why not send them some nice gifts on the holiday? Even small-priced presents like Friendship Day Bands or bracelets can work wonders to revive an old friendship.

These Friendship Day activity tips are just some of the million ways to spend a great Friendship Day. Use these suggestions as well as think up some Friendship Day Activities on your own. Make use of this wonderful holiday to have a grand celebration with your pals!

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