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Is winking a form of flirting?

Eyes are the most effective sensory organ of communicating your curiosity in a woman. It is also the perfect way to win her over. While you are talking to the woman you are trying to woo, remember to look in to her eyes.Keep it in your mind that your vision should not wander around.

If you really want to reveal your interest and that too in a short notice, winking will be right idea to put across the message. A wink while smiling coyly is enough to make a woman go weak on her knees. Make sure your timing of winking is perfect. Avoid winking at her in the midst of a conversation.

If you do that, it will give a wrong impression of yours. It will simply mean that you are not lending your ears to what she's saying.

While you listen to her gaze at her naturally. Don't stare for long. Show some kind of expression while you listen to her. Do not remain expression less.

This may give her an impression that you are pretending to take interest in the conversation.Always remember that there is lot of difference between a gaze, and looking into her eyes appreciatively. Ensure that you are doing the right thing.

When you wink, remember there is only one rule of winking. Wink only once also known as W.O.O is one thing which you should keep in mind. If you wink more than once, it will not be considered as flirting. It is not at all friendly. Do whatever you want but always remember it should look friendly, courteous and sensitive to the other person's reaction.

Once you grab the attention of your interest by winking, it becomes easier for you to send out the right signals and receive the desired result. So pick up the signals at your earliest and use them with finesse.

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