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Top 10 Flirting Tips

When you come across a stranger who steals your heart at the very first glance, all you want to do is flirt with him a little bit.

Maybe a smile or a bold stare, and that are enough to make him look back at you! When you are really desperate, go for Top 10 flirting tips which not only make it easier for your to attract the person who has taken your breath away but who knows, it may also get you closer to him forever.

A boy meets girl, look at each other and starts a love story. This is probably the oldest formula we have come across in films, novels, romantic essays and even in real life. So, what is it about looking into each other's eyes that makes sparks flow between the two?

Well, it is the best flirting tip ever. Nothing conveys feelings better than your eyes, and when it comes to stealing romantic glances, the magic surely works. Let us have a look at some of the best top 10 flirting tips to make it easier for you to get close to him/her.

Popular Flirting Tips

  1. Look in eyes: The first thing that you notice in a person is his/her eyes. Eyes speak a world when your heart beats in love. The first step to flirt is looking into his/her eyes. Let your eyes do the talking. This will not only make him/her notice you but who knows, the person might even come up to you and start talking.

  2. Initiate Conversation: When he/she comes up to you and takes the seat across you, and just looks at you, be the one to start the conversation. Invite him/her to participate in the talk and try to understand him/her when he speaks. Ask him about his interests and passions and let him know yours. However, make sure not to ask personal questions on the first meet.

  3. Flaunt yourself: Everyone is special in some way or the other. You might have great eyes, or seducing lips, angelic looks, or silky hair…the best way to flirt is to flaunt your looks. Roll a silky hair strand in your fingers invitingly, roll your eyes, smile often and move sensuality to make him go crazy.

  4. Invite him to dance: Nothing can be more seductive and flirtatious than having a close dance with the one you like. Be your romantic best, make sensuous moves, dance close to his/her body and keep up that radiant smile. He will go head over heels for you and will not be able to keep his/her eyes off you.

  5. Share a drink: When all your want is romance, why not share a drink. Order a single drink and sip alternatively into the delicious liquid. This will not only add to the fun of sharing but also evoke passion for both of you.

  6. Text messages: Once you manage to get his /her phone number, make it a point to keep in touch. Keep flirting with romantic flirt text messages and do it in equal intervals. Just do not let your thoughts get out of his/her mind.

  7. Touch to flirt: Nothing can make the other person excited like your touch. You do not have to search for reasons to touch him/her. Small gentle touches like holding hands while crossing the road, touching her cheeks as a loving gesture, touching his neck playfully and more can do wonders for your relationship.

  8. Be bold: The best way to impress a person is by being bold. Come straight when you want to say something. Touch him/her if you want to and say him/her so.

  9. Occasional complements: Most women and even men love to be flattered. Praise her skin, appreciate his attitude, flatter your partner with best romantic comments. However, make sure you do not overdo it.

  10. Seal a kiss: Nothing can be more arousing than a passionate kiss. Place a kiss on his/her lips while parting, or just go up to the person and give him/her a strong smooch and that can work wonders for the both of you.

Top 10 flirting tips will pave your way to that person's heart who has never failed to attract your attention, wherever you might be.
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