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Top 10 Flirting Tips for Girls

Gone are the days when flirting was a tool for boys to get the women they like. Like any other field, women have also come up with their own ideas to flirt effectively and get the man of their dreams. Top 10 Flirting Tips for girls noted below have been tried and tested by numerous women across the world and have got results you can only dream of.

When you like a guy, whom you have just met or know for years, why not make the first move and get closer to him? Why do women always have to wait patiently for the guy to come up to her and initiate a conversation. It may even take ages! Why not take the initiative yourself and let the guy know how you feel! Well, times have changed and so have men and women. Women have become bolder and men have started liking women who are bold, confident and self-assured. Let us have a look at top 10 flirting tips for girls, which can make guys go head over heels for them.

  1. Looks come first: There is no denying the fact that the first thing that attracts men is your looks. Men like girls who look good and have a pleasant appearance. Well, don't worry; this won't require buying a whole new wardrobe. All you need to do is wear well fitting clothes and a charming attitude to go with it.

  2. Smile: Nothing can make a woman look more charming than a beautiful smile. Always wear that smile of yours when you are talking to your dream guy. This is the simplest way to attract a guy.

  3. Eyes: Eyes speak more than words do and when your eyes send across those romantic, lingering stares, the guy will just go crazy. Be playful and seductive when you cast him short but steady glances.

  4. Conversation: Don't wait for him to start a conversation. Invite him to sit with you and start talking on various subjects. You can also start by praising his perfume or the hat he's wearing.

  5. Touch yourself: When you touch yourself sensuously, remember the guy is intently watching each and every move of yours. Roll your hair, touch your neck, lips or legs. Do it consciously but playfully so that he gets your message.

  6. Listen: When he starts talking, be a patient listener. Men love women who are good listeners. Moreover, this will also give you a chance to understand him better.

  7. Be sensuous: It doesn't matter what you talk about but how you talk. Be your romantic best when you speak to the man. Don't shout or be monotonous while sharing a conversation.

  8. Be interesting: Nothing can be worse than being a bore. Be interesting and active when with the guy. Talk about interesting things and be energetic.

  9. Flatter him: Not only women, but men also like to be praised and complimented. Compliment him on the shirt he's wearing or his hairstyle. However, keep in mind, the genuine your compliments are, the better it works for you.

  10. Be yourself: Whatever you do, don't lose yourself in the rush of how to impress him. Be yourself and enjoy your best when with the man.

Flirting Tips for Shy Girls

  1. Make repeated and passionate eye contacts with the man you want to flirt with and make sure that he understands it's really him you are flirting with. Gaze at him from a distance or turn back to look at him twice. Let him understand you are noticing him. An eye contact is not an impossible task even for the shy girls.

  2. Keep consistent smile on your face and smile gently. Watch him from head to toe and give your your most charming smile to reflect your admiration for him.

  3. Separate yourself from others to give him a space to talk. Carry something noticeable.

  4. Be generous in your attitude and acknowledge the man with grace.

  5. Be confident and smart. Dress with style but be sure of your comfort level

  6. Make him sure that you are flirting with him. Find small excuses to speak to him and get close to him. Even if you are a shy girl only let th first few words come out of your mouth and then see how it becomes easier.

How to flirt with a Man ?

  1. Be demure yet bold: While you are trying to entice your man, do not drop loud hints. Be subtle and meticulous. Remember the message should not send any wrong message. Feminism is your greatest asset. While flirting with a man, hold his gaze for long to make him notice and keep it short to make him curious.

  2. Let Him Make Some Moves: After you have dropped your hints, it is time to wait and watch. Let him make some moves. Ensure that you are alone, or else he may not come closer to you. Don't wait for things to fall in to place. Plan the plot your self.

  3. Know Him: After he has come up to you to have a word or two with you, do not show up that you are overjoyed or excited. Maintain your composure and draw a line while you talk. Let him do the talking. Show some interest in whatever he says. Reciprocate to his dialogues.

  4. Once you get to know how to put up yourself in front of you amorous interest, flirting with a man will be a cake walk.

Tips for Flirting with a Married Man

  1. Give frequent passionate glances to the man you want to flirt with. Learn to deliver it well to have the desired impact. Gaze at him adoringly from a distance or turn back to give him a look. The woman's eyes rest momentarily on a likely man and then willingly she looks away as she notices his look.

  2. Send some subtle,subconscious signals such as pushing the finger through your hair when first meeting the man.

  3. Start a pleasant conversation with the man. Appreciate his good qualities,looks, clothing or his sense of humor. Show your attentiveness and interest in him. Glance at the his face more when you are listening.

  4. Use responsive gestures to show interest when you are speaking. Apply a gentle touch when you are in the crowd.

  5. Impress him with your style of talking, your charm and witty comments. Always keep a passionate smile on your face.

Top 10 flirting tips for girls not only make it an interesting activity for women but also make the whole effort work effectively.
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