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Is Teasing a form of flirting?

Teasing is an all pervasive activity which is a part of an effective communication process in various age groups. These groups can be classified as family, friends, coworkers and teammates.

Often thought of as an ostracizing mechanism, teasing is not always harmful. If done properly and playfully in good faith, it helps to facilitate bonds within a group. An indicator of intimacy, teasing helps to understand the closeness between two individuals.
Mostly prevalent among familiar group members, teasing can also be used among strangers to exchange a few words on friendliness and indirectly express affection.From the outside, teasing seems to be a twisted pleasure: affectionate and sort of insulting all at once. Teasing is a very articulate way of winning a person's attraction. It actually helps bring people closer . 

Tips and Ideas on Teasing

  1. While you are teasing, keep few things in mind. Make it sure that you do not pull his or her leg so much that she takes offense on it. Indeed, teasing inhabits a fine and transitory line between aggression and play. You have to master the intricacies of this art of teasing. The insistent aspect of teasing consists of criticisms that bully a person .

  2. Since the intention behind teasing is a desire to maintain pleasant social relationships, teasers engage in amusing or playful tactics signaling that the criticism should not be taken as a denunciation.

  3. Overstated tone of voice, extended vowels and unusual facial expressions accompanied with a little laugh just before or after the comment you made may be loved despite the flaw.

Once you can master the art of teasing, you will have a great time while you flirt. Teasing while flirting is an exciting experience. When you see your tease doing wonders, you'll be more than satisfied. But when you tease always remember that you should stay in your limits. Offensive teasing can earn the other person's displeasure.Try to be intelligent while you tease. Do not just try to be smart. Be smart while you sport a bully. Wit and humor is always welcomed if meted out properly.
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