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Is smiling flirting?

After eyeing the amorous interest of yours for quite sometime, its time you make the next move. Flash your million dollar smile next time he or she looks at you.

And Bingo! Your job is almost done. Once you flash your smile at your interest, he or she gets the signal that you are interested in him or her.

Let him or know that you wish to know more about him or her, that you don't intend to go away without meeting her, and that you admire her or him.
If you want to win her attention smiling is one thing that can help you instantly. A wide grin accompanied by a wave will be excellent.

Practice your smile in front of the mirror to flash that perfect 32.Keep it in your mind your smile should not look fake. It should be spontaneous. It has been proved that smiling is one thing that makes you look attractive.Your smile should give out a message of '' feel good" factor. Frequent smiling is a sign of interest on the part of the man or woman you are flirting with. Most people shy away when their object of desire looks at them

If you really want him or her to know your interest in her or him, then smiling is something which can fulfill your desire. Smiling is such a gesture which can even turn enemies to friends.

Some of the other gestures which you can accompany with smiling are as follows:

If you think you are staring for long at the person you are interested in, little wave meaning 'Hello' to him or her can save you from the embarrassment which you could have faced.

Winking is not advisable if you don't know the person. If you are familiar with the person, then a quick wink as a response to a funny joke can be welcomed. Make it sure you don't wink very often because that can send wrong signals.

Holding eye contact:
While you are talking to her, maintain eye contact with her for at least some of the time.

Once you grab the attention of your interest by smiling,  it becomes easier for you to send out the right signals and receive the desired result. So pick up the signals at your earliest and use them with finesse.

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