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Sweetest Pick-up Lines

What’s wrong with being sweet? Believe it or not, sometimes “sweet” is all you need to win over your crush’s heart. When a person is “sweet” he or she is not trying to show off or play anyone.


They are merely speaking their heart and being honest. And that is a huge turn on! Of course, it only helps if you have a poetic spirit, or at least a sense of humor. So we compiled a list of the 50 “sweetest” pickup lines to use when you finally meet that special someone.


You can use these lines at almost any time, since they are not overly provocative. They are just about beauty, feeling and love—and everyone wants to fall in love!


50 of the Sweetest Pick-Up Lines


  1. Can you help me find my heart? I think you may have stolen it.

  2. Your smile makes my sun come out.

  3. I see us laughing together next year.

  4. Your smile must make you famous.

  5. Your gorgeous eyes are as blue as the gorgeous skies.

  6. You must love roses, because you are as beautiful as a rose.

  7. You remind me of a dictionary. You add meaning to everything I do.

  8. You are such a pearl; your parents must have been shellfish.

  9. Are you a thief? Because the stars are missing from the skies and are in your eyes.

  10. God told me that you have the other half to my heart. You want to join together?

  11. You just melted my heart when you walked in with that hot body of yours.

  12. How do you know that you aren’t already in love with me like I am with you?

  13. You must be a light, because you are turning me on every time you switch.

  14. You just tripped me into falling in love with you.

  15. Good thing you can catch my fall, because I just fell in love with you.

  16. Your eyes have told me everything about you, except for your name.

  17. Don’t make my life like a broken pencil- pointless. Spend your life with me.

  18. The world must be wrong. There aren’t Seven Wonders of the World, there are eight including you.

  19. In my garden your tulips (two lips) and my tulips (two lips) would be planted side by side.

  20. I’m a thief in the night and I’m going to steal your heart.

  21. Pretty days always make my bad days so much better. Will you smile for me please?

  22. Will you help me know what it feels like to be loved again? I’ve lost that loving feeling.

  23. My name is (insert name here), but my girlfriends call me (insert nickname). Would you like to be my girlfriend?

  24. Your beauty is going to last for an eternity.

  25. (She sneezes) You: God bless you, but I can see he already did with that amazing body.

  26. Does your watch have a second hand? I think it took only ten seconds for me to fall in love with you.

  27. Will you do me the honor of letting me sit next to you?

  28. When I’m old and in a rocking chair, I’ll look back with fondness on my happiest memories; like the day that I met you.

  29. I wish you would have started talking to me five minutes ago, but no one introduced me to you until now.

  30. (Give flower to girl) I’m showing this flower what it looks like to be beautiful.

  31. Your kisses remind me of Pringles. Once you start, you just can’t stop.

  32. Take this key to my car. This way you can always find the way back to my heart.

  33. You look so beautiful that God must have been showing off when He made you.

  34. Did you lose your wings? (My wings?) You must be angel that lost its wings.

  35. If eyes are the mirror of our soul, then your soul must be gorgeous because your eyes are just stunning.

  36. If you were a bee, I’d want to be your honey so I could always stick to you and be with you.

  37. Do you know where the Bank of Love is? Because I want to save all of my love and spend it all on you.

  38. Are you made by NASA? If so, when is the next time they are going to explore your exotic body?

  39. If my kisses turned into snowflakes, I would have so many snowflakes that I would send you a blizzard.

  40. I think we should hang out more. We would make the perfect couple.

  41. I can’t find the right words to say, your eyes keep making me lose my train of thought.

  42. You are my cool glass of water and I can’t stop drinking enough of you.

  43. Would you do me the privilege of allowing me to flirt with you?

  44. I’ve been here all night and right when the party is over I meet my perfect match. Do we really have to say goodbye now?

  45. Nothing before what has happened to me tonight matters anymore. My life has started over now that I met you.

  46. Will you please start talking to me? I love it when beautiful women talk.

  47. I just moved to town, could you help me out by giving me directions to your life?

  48. If you’re down here then Heaven must just have lost one of its angels.

  49. The night is still young? Will you come home with me tonight and watch the stars shine bright?

  50. You look like somebody that I know is my future wife.


So are you all sweetened out by now? Make your next date a good one by speaking the heart…and sure, we give you permission to use some of our favorite “cutesy wutesy” pickup lines! It will definitely get a laugh if not a swoon.