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Pick Up Lines for Guys

We’ve heard a lot of the cheesiest, dirtiest and most retarded pickup lines up until now. However, we rarely ever heard about the pickup lines that actually work. What is the secret to creating a great one liner? For one thing, try to make it your own as much as possible.

Customize and adapt the line to the situation so that it actually seems like your wit and not like a recycled pickup line.

You don’t necessarily have to avoid sexual innuendo to make it good, but walk the fine line between suggestive and

  1. Smile if you want to go out with me. Look disgusted if you think I’m just too hot for you. (This is a great line because it puts you in a no-lose scenario)

  2. I’ve had a bad day. What always makes me feel good is to see a beautiful woman smile. (It’s hard to be rude to such a simple request)

  3. Pardon me…but what pickup lines seem to work on you? (This is the equivalent of saying “Hi” but with a humorous slant)

  4. Just a warning. You might be asked to leave. Why? Because you’re making the other girls here look like cheap trash. (Personalize as you wish. The thought of Inspiring jealousy from other women is typically a female turn on)

  5. You are beautiful in any language.(Mega points if you say it another language and translate it)

  6. I figured I should come say hello before you catch me staring and drooling again.(Might as well be honest, right?)

  7. I’m kind of bored. Make me laugh and I might buy you a drink. (Reversing the process of buying a drink; may work for some)

  8. I think I want to write a song about you. (Immediately paints a picture of an author or musician…can’t hurt!)

  9. Sorry, I’m an artist. Staring at beautiful women, well, it’s just in my line of work. (A bit artsy but can work)

  10. I think it’s time for you to stop ignoring me, and humor me in mindless conversation.(A confident move, but only works if you have a big smile on your face)

  11. Can you do me a favor? My friends say I don’t have a chance with a girl as pretty as you. Can you ask me out on a date while they watch? (This sometimes backfires, but if the girl is just there to have fun she may go along with it)

  12. See my friend? (Point out the friend waving) He wants to know if you think I am cute.(Backstab your friend! Very impressive)

  13. If I were Elvis, would you make out with me then? (Pretty funny, and you can use any celebrity as a comparison)

  14. If I were the last man alive on this planet, then you would go out with me! (You’ve got her there)

  15. Do you believe in what the bible says? (Read 2 Corinthians 13:12) Well then? (Usually works with Christian singles)

  16. I am a wizard. I am casting a spell on you to kiss me. (Gesture like you’re casting a spell, Have some fun with this one especially if the spell doesn’t work)

  17. Hi. What’s your name? Did you know that the ancient Greek meaning of your name is “Goddess of Beauty?” (She might not believe you but it still works)

  18. Just to warn you, I bit the last girl that rejected me. (Again, big smile…otherwise it sounds scary)

  19. Why are you ignoring me today? You haven’t spoken to me all night! (Basically just pretend as if you’re together already)

  20. Why is it hot girls like you only look at the peripherals? I’m handsome, hot and charming…but why can’t you see my inner beauty?

  21. I apologize for what I’m fixing to do. (Hug her and run away)

  22. Would you please touch me? I’ve been wanting to tell me friends I was touched by an angel.

  23. We would make an awesome wedding cake. Just saying.

  24. You’re the only person I want in my life…after the Zombie Apocalypse comes.
  25. I had to come and speak to you or else I would regret not doing it for the rest of my life.
  26. If I were a scientist, I would clone a million of you and make the world a better place.
  27. How much does the average polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice. So when are we going out?
  28. Give me four good reasons why I shouldn’t buy you a drink right now!
  29. You make ____ (a celebrity she sort of looks like) look like a teletubby. (Or any popular weird looking character)
  30. Can I at least have a fake phone number?
  31. Argh, your booty shivers me timbers. (Works better on pirate day at the renaissance fair)
  32. You are melting my ice cream! (Mock angry…and only if you are holding ice cream)
  33. Your eyes say it all. The only thing they haven’t said is your lovely name.
  34. (Stare at her and then smile) You look like someone I would enjoy meeting.
  35. Why are you looking so sexy? (This often catches girls off guard)
  36. I saw you looking at me. Wanna buy me a drink?
  37. So…you want to see my insanely tanned abs?
  38. I’m going to sleep with you tonight. You might as well show up.
  39. I have a riddle for you. What is hung like a horse, lasts all night long and winks? (Wink)
  40. Can I borrow a quarter? I just need to call my mom and tell her I met the girl of my dreams.
  41. Why is your picture in the thesaurus? Under beautiful? And in italics?
  42. Please…be gentle with me.
  43. I may have never had your virginity. But can I have the box it came in?
  44. Slow down! I can’t take these curves!
  45. Hey nice nails. (Any features besides the obvious)
  46. I have a special telepathic watch. The watch is telling me you’re not wearing any panties. (She says she is) Oh, it must be an hour fast.
  47. Little girl, would you like to come with me and have some candy?"
  48. Hey can you hold something for me? (Hold her hand)
  49. I’m allergic to beautiful. (Poke her and fake sneeze)
  50. I want to let my basilisk into your chamber of secrets. (Only works if she digs Harry Potter)