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Cutest Pick-up Lines

What’s wrong with being cute? Cute is good! Sometimes people equate cute with something less than awesome, beautiful or drop dead sexy.

Believe it or not though, “cute” can work for you. You can be cute and still flirty and hot--and we promise you, you don’t have to be “swag.” Deal?

All right so let’s start thinking cute…

The Top 50 Cute Pickup Lines (They will either give you a laugh or a smile!)

  1. I was so distracted by your beauty that I ran into the fence. So, I’m going to need your number so I can file a claim on your beauty.

  2. Your eyes are so mesmerizing I’m getting lost in them. Where’s the map?

  3. You must be lost. Angels live in heaven.

  4. I must have died and gone to heaven. Only way to meet an angel like you.

  5. I’ve been looking all over for you. You are the girl I’ve always dreamed about.

  6. Please help me! I can’t breathe. You just took my breath away.

  7. Can you take me to the doctor? I just broke my foot falling for you.

  8. Can you sleep in my arms? I just lost my stuffed panda.

  9. Your lips look so good. Can I taste your lip gloss?

  10. Are you a heart surgeon? Well do you think you could fix my broken heart?

  11. You make me so drunk. Your beauty is that intoxicating.

  12. I’d rather watch you than the Olympics, because something as good as you only happens once.

  13. Did you just eat maple syrup or are you always this sweet?

  14. Can I have your telephone number? I need it for the new telephone directory.

  15. How much do you cost? Because I want to buy your heart out.

  16. You must be a four-leaf clover. That’s the only way I’d get lucky enough to find someone like you.

  17. You’re the person I want to live through the end of the world with.

  18. I feel like a little kid in a toy store. You’re my toy and I want you bad, but I don’t know if I’m allowed to have you.

  19. You must be a magnet because I’ve very attracted to you.

  20. I’ve traveled to 30 states and 5 different countries and I have never met someone like you.

  21. Can I smooch your lips? They look a little wrinkled.

  22. Will you kiss me or am I going to have to make that part of the story up to my friends?

  23. Are you a pot of gold? Because you are the treasure at the end of my rainbow.

  24. Here’s my phone. I’m going to call you later on it.

  25. We can kiss, but let’s not tell anyone about it. It’ll be our little secret.

  26. Where is your halo hiding? You must be an angel of light.

  27. Do you like to help people out? Then why not help me out by taking me home with you.

  28. Out of all the fish in the sea, you are the only fish worth catching.

  29. Where can I find the phone number to your heart?

  30. You must be strong, you are making all my muscles sore just looking at you.

  31. Someone really likes you. If I wasn’t too embarrassed I’d tell you who it is. (Wink-wink)

  32. Your parents must be artists because you are as beautiful as a masterpiece!

  33. The language of love always begins with a kiss. Why don’t we start learning more of the love language?

  34. Give a girl a dozen roses (at least one fake) say, “I will love you until the last one dies.”

  35. If you were a tear drop in my eye, I would always be happy because I could never cry for fear of losing you.

  36. (Look at tag in girl’s shirt) I was right. You were made in Heaven.

  37. Is your dad a king? (Girl) No. Why? (You) Because he must have been; to make a princess as beautiful as you.

  38. Let’s be like Nicholas Sparks and take A Walk to Remember.

  39. Your voice sounds like all the angels up in heaven are singing.

  40. Can you take care of yourself, or would you like me to come over and take care of you for you?

  41. My friend over there( point to friend) wants to know whether or not you think I’m cute?

  42. You see those spaces between your fingers? That’s so there is space for mine whenever I hold your hand.

  43. Do you like to travel? Where’s your favorite place? (She answers) Mine is anywhere that you want to go.

  44. This is the only time I’m ever going to get this lucky to meet someone as beautiful and intelligent as you.

  45. Will you smile again so I can fall in love with you all over again?

  46. Pinch me, I must be dreaming to be in a room with a woman as gorgeous as you.

  47. (You) Don’t go outside. It’s raining. (She) Why? (You) Someone as sweet as you will probably melt.

  48. Can I hold on to you while you teach me how to slow dance?

  49. I was wondering if you are still accepting applications for a new girlfriend/boyfriend. Because I’m looking for a position…or two.

  50. I bet you were in the scouts when you were younger because you have just tied my heart up into knots.
Cute or not, some of those pickups are just too awesome to forget. So if you find yourself stuttering, making awkward small talk or staring too much in the wrong places, then the best thing to do is just revert to a cute pickup line. No, it won’t save you…but it will give you a few moments of distraction. And that’s just enough to gain back your confidence. So use these lines at your own discretion and have some fun out there!