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Ways to Flirt Online

The vast growth of online matchmaking sites means more and more people are wondering how to begin meaningful relationships through the worldwide web. 

This is what you have to know when it comes to how to flirt online:  ten ways to get things on the right track exist – at a minimum.  Though you will find some of the most common tips on this list, each person has a unique method for getting the message over the Internet to a potential mate.

Work with these pointers to come up with your own personal style and keep this in mind:  you could easily apply all this to flirting offline, too.

Honesty is the Best Policy One of the main reasons people find it difficult to date in the virtual world is because of the anonymity everyone is afforded.  A simple photo and half-filled-in profile is all it takes to get going on one of these sites.  If you want to be successful when you are flirting, project an image of who you are in real life – use a good picture, but not something too posed.  Talk about where you are from and what you believe in.  Resist the temptation to overinflate your successes.  You might meet this person someday, a fact which should help you tell the truth.

Respond in a Timely Manner In an age when society is bombarded with information from all directions every second and an increasing number of people are able to access the Internet from the palm of their hands, waiting five days to send a message is a crime.  If you are serious about flirting with someone through the web, do your best to reply within 24 hours or less.  Because you don’t have in-person contact with a possible date, you could end up making him or her feel left out – and ready to move on – quickly.

Aim for Playful and Funny Though you might say this goes for any flirty situation, being fun and humorous is doubly important when you are connecting with someone online.  Lighthearted banter will help the two of you get past the uncomfortable feelings everyone associates with beginning a relationship through a matchmaking site that much quicker.  Plus, there isn’t a person on the planet who doesn’t enjoy laughing – why not show how good you are with a joke from the start?

Say What You Like This is something you won’t be able to do right away, but it’s a great way to keep your relationship progressing despite the fact you are building it online.  It might not seem flirty, but giving the guy or gal you are chatting with some compliments is a great idea.  Don’t go for the low hanging fruit – physical traits displayed in a profile picture, for example – but talk about things you have grown to admire, particular aspects of his or her character and so forth.

Get to the Point Let’s picture for the moment you are talking with someone attractive at the grocery store.  Imagine you have made the approach, then launch into an eight-minute-long monologue about where you grew up and why you believe in one set of ideas as opposed to another.  Do you think that would be an example of good flirting?  Of course not!  When it comes to dating online, you have to be a bit more concise – don’t use 100 words when 20 will do.  This helps the discussion keep flowing, a key to making the relationship blossom.

Share Information to Spur Conversation Speaking of stoking the fires of dialogue, a great way to flirt without seeming like it is to find articles to share with your new flame.  You can email a link over and say “What do you think of this?” – especially if it’s a topic one of you has brought up before.  Not only are you demonstrating how well you paid attention (a good thing), you are inviting him or her into a deeper exchange about the central ideas both of you have.

Create a Nickname for Your CyberCrush Though it might be a while before the two of you meet in person, one way to keep the joyful energy going between the two of you is to come up with a flirty pet name.  Most people will go with the standards – “sweetie” or “cutie” or “honey” – but the more personal you make the nickname, the better.  Tech-themed choices like “DigitalHunk” or “Hottie.com” give a nod to the way your relationship started while avoiding the clichés everyone else uses.

Make Sure You Understand Each Other Time to be straightforward:  flirting – or having any conversation – online is way more difficult than talking in person.  Without the ability to read someone’s body language or pick up on the tone of voice, you can end up feeling lost in an instant.  If a statement doesn’t quite hit you right, then ask your partner to clarify.  It’s easy to get angry when you read something instead of hearing it, so give your online relationship a chance by practicing a little patience.

Avoid Loving Language Until You Meet in Person As the two of you take steps from “just flirting” to “talking about having coffee together,” you might feel like it’s appropriate to say “the L-word” – don’t.  Plainly, until the you are in the same room, you don’t have much at risk.  Saying you love someone through a computer is too easy, which may leave one of you holding the bag if things fall apart soon after you’ve gotten together in the real world.  It is perfectly acceptable to have developed a deep emotional attachment to someone through the web, just give it time to blossom offline before you drop “the big one.”

Maintain Some Privacy It was brought up before, but it bears mentioning once again:  the Internet allows people to be anonymous on an unprecedented scale.  This can be good, as it helps those who are painfully shy connect with others, and bad – criminals can thrive with all manner of schemes on unsuspecting people.  When you become an online flirt, you instantly open yourself up to the (slim) possibility of coming in contact with a person who isn’t trustworthy.  What does this mean for you?  Flirting shouldn’t include a bunch of hardly-clothed photos or banking information to help with “health problems.”  Before long, you could be exposed in more ways than one – and brokenhearted, to boot.

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