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Online Chat Tips and Ideas

Flirting is a wonderful aspect of human being and occurs as a spontaneous response when you find someone appealing. Our body acts instinctively to attract attention of the person you desire by using verbal communication tool or body language.With the advancement of time a number of different flirting tools have come to play their role to add some extra flavor in your art of flirting.

Amongst the so many means for flirting the one of the most advanced and latest is online chat where flirtation becomes more spicy with added suspense letting you an open arena to expand your wings of imagination to taste the flavor of romance in a little off-beat way.

1. ) Be friendly and casual while introducing yourself online. Try to be innovative right from the beginning of chat to make others understand that you are little different.

2.) Introduce yourself with an interesting online nickname. It can express something special about you. Keep your message nice and short but interesting.

3.) Make others feel good about you so that they like to respond .

4.) In case of online chat the only way to impress others is your flair of good writing so use it as much as can, avoid using slangs. As online chat does not give you the opportunity to see your target or even understand his tone, therefore you have to use your words very carefully and tactfully.

5.) Start talking by asking innocent casual questions and ask lots of open-ended questions so that other people also feel encouraged to participate in the chat and share their thought. While chatting focus on your good qualities.

6.) Avoid chatting about serious or sad things. Show that you are positive and open minded full of energy.

7.)Know the interest of your partner and find a common ground to talk about so that both of you can chat comfortably. Don't start off with sexual talk.

8.) Avoid talking about depressive or problematic issues.. Forget your past or present troubles and impress with your charm of writing to present before him/her a very charismatic person full of life and vigor. Send lots of smiles to your new friend.

9.) Be a good listener and understand what exactly he/she is trying to convey. Don't misinterpret a sentence in a hurry.

10.) Send lots of flirtatious words because everyone loves have compliments. Impress the person with your sense of humor.

11.) Try to give hint of something interesting and find out an open time when you two can meet. Avoid giving too much information.

12.) Make the chat more intimate and personalized by taking his/her name more frequently while chatting.

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