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Flirting In Office
Irrespective of lingo, socioeconomic background or religious upbringing, couple carry on flirting reassuring their probable partner of harmlessness.Office is one place where men and women from different background come together to achieve a common target. Hence office flirting is not that much unexpected here.

It is here where the men and women spend most of their day's time. Meetings get together and other events bring them together. Be it intimate chats, or chatting in a office party, this place surely is a place which brings too many minds together under one roof.

When you see a female smiling at a male, arching her eyebrows, hurriedly lowering her lids and, tucking her chin slightly down and then bashfully to the side followed by some giggling, know that you have hit the bull's eye. This entire gesture portents one and only thing. The girl is interested in you.Extended working hours during the night and day time has given rise to office Flirting. Men and women spend most of their day's times at office.

Hence it is but obvious that some amount of closeness will develop. Initially what seemed like companionship, lead to dating and at times extra marital affairs. Office Flirting is now quite a frequent affair. It's no more a big deal if a male colleague cracks a not-so offensive joke in front of a female colleague. Often it is seen the female cherish the joke with a burst of laughter. A casual hug or a wink is also welcomed.

Office Flirting is totally different from flirting in a public place or at any other venue. Office flirting is one activity, which is being watched by some one or the other. You have to be cautious about your gestures and flirting signals that you send to your interest.

Office Flirting can prove to be dangerous, if not taken under control. Be easy and understated while you send across a message. A message that delivers your flirting note implicitly is a smart work. Keep an eye around if you are being watched by any of the prying eyes sitting all around you. If you feel your understanding with the concerned person is not liked by many, make it a point to stop frequent communication. Continue your act of flirting outside. Go out for a date with your amorous date. Enjoy your flirting gestures over a cup of coffee.

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