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Intimacy and Love - Emotional and Physical

Your heart flutters every time you see your sweet lover. The sweet smell of their breath and the pretty frowns on their face - everything makes you fall in love over and over again. You crave for moments of togetherness, moments of passion and moments of craziness. It is a delightful feeling to be in love. Intimacy are those beautiful tender moments in your Cupid Struck life. It explores the softer passion and feelings of ecstasy.

It leads to the valley of coziness and showers the rain of fondness. It induces the feeling of everlasting warmth and happiness. You loose yourself to these moments of sensitive passion and experience the joy of intimacy.

Love and Intimacy
Whether marriage or relationship, intimacy is a very important aspect of love. Couples take out time from their daily schedule to utter the sweet words of love and to kiss each other goodnight. Love expectations experience fulfillment through intimacy and coziness. It radiates a feeling of warmth and happiness that glows on the face of lovers. It seeks closeness and true emotions. Intimacy also strengthens the bond of love. It heightens the romance and creates passionate sparks. Intimacy is the moment of ecstasy and joyous feelings.

Every lover becomes vulnerable and disenchanted without intimacy. Craving for attention, lovers go astray and lose the threads of their precious relation. Intimacy is achieved at two levels - emotional intimacy and physical intimacy.

Emotional intimacy
Emotional intimacy is a very rich and fulfilling feeling. It invokes the deeper emotions of love and sanctity. It helps two people connect in times of stress and hardship. Intimacy builds a sense of security and loyalty. It nurtures the passion and urges lovers to be true. Researches all over the world suggest that women have a higher need of emotional intimacy. The Bible encourages husbands to be attentive to their wives.

"In the same way, you husbands must give honor to your wives.
Treat her with understanding as you live together"

Emotional intimacy creates a sense of loyalty and faithfulness amongst lovers. It builds a bond between the lovers and creates a beautiful romantic environment. Enrich your love life with the sweet words of love and surprise your woman with small trinkets of happiness. After all, it is the thought which counts!


Physical Intimacy
It is not always about the physical act of love. It is more about the physical aspect of love. Men and women all over the world explore their love and passion through various ways. Physical intimacy adorns a relationship with sparks of ecstasy and fulfillment. It ignites the flames of burning passion and keeps it ablaze forever. Whispering the sweet words of love heightens the passion. Soft love caresses helps in strengthening the emotional ties.

Intimacy plays a pivotal role in Love relationships. Explore contours of passion and true love through intimacy. Read more about Love and Intimacy in our subsequent pages.