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Top 10 Flirtatious Moves You Can Make

Okay, so it’s fairly obvious your crush is not getting the signals.  Sigh!  Yes, some guys and girls can be quite oblivious to what you’re thinking or even “showing”, at least when it comes to physical gestures. 

Then again, the object of your affection doesn’t seem to be disinterested…he or she just seems to be waiting for something to happen.  Should you be brash and just ask the cutie on a date? 

You could do the upfront thing if you want to make an impression…then again; you could also play it a bit safer using one of these top 10 flirty techniques that are SURE to get the message across.

1. Wear something sexy Now this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to bare it all just in an attempt to get attention.  You can dress as gracefully or modestly as you prefer.  However, the point is, you must FEEL sexy before you can effectively flirt.  If you’re wearing your work clothes then you’re just not going to feel the romance in the air.  Wear something that makes you feel good about yourself and then see how naturally flirty behavior comes to you.  Trust us, the moment your partner sees you looking all hot and bothered, he/she will quickly get the signal. 

2. Don’t be afraid to talk and joke about dating Here’s a common mistake anxious singles make: they are so intent on not offending their date that they totally forget to admit their attraction!  There’s nothing wrong with saying you’re attracted to someone.  And it’s even better if you have the confidence and the laid back, care free attitude to joke about it.  This shows your date that you’re just having fun and are not taking things too seriously.  It makes you look very attractive!

3. Do not send out conflicting signals Here is another common problem: some singles accidentally send out both positive and negative signals without realizing it, and end up confusing their dates.  In general, it is best to always keep good posture and “open”, welcoming gestures.  In contrast, defensive gestures (i.e. crossing your legs, folding your arms, avoiding a smile) can scare a partner into doing nothing.  Make sure your sweetie knows that you’re always “open” to flirting, and that you always value his/her attention.

4. Touch your crush Breaking the “barrier” of touching is a great flirting move.  Some people even call this the “boyfriending” or "girlfriending" technique; that is, to show your crush how you would be physically affectionate as a potential love interest.  Think about someone you are absolutely not flirting with: you avoid touching them like the plague!  In contrast, when you like someone you make every effort to lightly touch him or her on the arm whenever you’re laughing or expressing encouraging thoughts.  Don’t make your crush feel uncomfortable by lingering or staring; just keep the touching quick but meaningful.

5. Deep Eye Contact It’s almost sad to say, deep eye contact is MORE important than most of the stuff you’re going to read here.  Now we’re not discounting the other great ideas, but honestly, people respond more to subconscious communication and looking at a person for too long is definitely going to make a major impact.  So whatever you do, don’t avoid eye contact.  Don’t stare for long periods of time…but continue sending them fleeting glances, indicating that you have something to say.

6. Research Your Crush’s Hobbies and Passions Nothing says flirting than by taking the time to learn your crush’s personality, and then talk about the things he/she cares about the most.  This not only indicates soul mate potential but also says that you went out of your way to learn about something that was important to this person.  You are going above and beyond the “competition” and are really trying to connect on a mental, intellectual and emotional level.

7.Gift Giving Warning: don’t take this gesture too lightly.  We can assure you buying a gift for somebody is a HUGE signal that you are into them.  However, this can backfire if you’re trying to “buy” his or her affection rather than earn it by making a connection and exploring your mutual attraction.  So if your crush is totally oblivious, and yet seems interested in you, then yes, opt for gift giving.  However, if you really don’t know what he or she is thinking, then it’s best to leave gift-giving until a later date.

8. Be Forward This may involve a slightly different dynamic for guys and girls.  Guys can instantly send out an “I like you” signal by complimenting a woman and speaking of her beauty.  A woman can definitely send a strong signal out to a guy by doing the same, or perhaps taking a more subtle approach, by making an “inappropriate joke” which basically acknowledges the man’s sexual identity.  For example, “If we were ever to date…” or “You have a very seductive voice.”  These types of quotes take the relationship out of friend territory and clearly returns focus to the romantic potential. 

9. Ask the person out on a non-date We’re assuming you don’t want to just jump into a date invitation.  So here’s an alternative: invite them to a non-date activity; as in, something fun to do but with no obligations or pressure.  It can be a brunch, a theme park day, going to the new mall or just shopping together.  Whatever the non-event, it’s so “average” that it hardly even feels like a date.  Still, your crush gets to talk to you and see you at your everyday best.  Maybe after a few non-dates a real date will seem easier to bring up.

10. Say something weird and provocative “I had a dream about.”  Or how about, “You’ve been on my mind lately.”  Or, “I have wonderful news I wanted to tell you about!”  As you can see these mysterious statements pique a person’s curiosity.  Now the shoe is on the other foot!  Now, your crush is wondering if you’re sending the signals.  It’s a good way to play a little non-competitive, non-heartbreaking game, just to make sure you are on this cutie’s mind!