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Flirting at Work

You are very light hearted person and feel flirting at work is good. But, what are the best ways to convey the flirting signals. A caress, wink, compliment and note can convey your feelings for the person.

If you have crush on someone it is better to know about that person by little butter flying moves. Flirting at work can help you in getting closer to your crush and know about his/her intentions.

How to Flirt with Co-Worker

  1. Be friendly and approachable to your colleagues. This is the best of making the peer feel comfortable.

  2. Maintain a smiling face and not a blunt look. The easy way to flirt at work is to make yourself amicable.

  3. You don’t have to behave very extrovert for this, just strike a balance. Join people for coffee and lunch to enjoy flirting.

  4. Be very presentable while you are going for work. Flirting at public places is fun but, you should not be trouble to someone.

  5. The best way to flirt with co-workers is by experimenting with your wardrobe. Don’t be very weird or over dressed rather, try attention grabbing ways.

  6. Pay compliment to the female crowd in your office. Women love getting attention so be generous and pay compliments while you are work.

  7. Say positive and nice things about your colleagues an flatter them. Flirting at work is very easy if you know the right tricks.

  8. Try always to stay in touch with your crush. You can verbally or non-verbally get the contact. Send emails, texts, cards and leave notes on his/her table.

  9. Couple flirting is possible only if, both the partners are attracted to each other. Even a cup of coffee and romantic talks can do wonders.

  10. A naughty wink, one line chat, eye contact and glares are the non-verbal ways of flirting at work.

  11. Be open to suggestions and advices. This is another strategy of getting closer to your crush.

  12. Be generous to help others. Especially the one with whom you are flirting.

  13. Do a little research and know about his/her likings. Talk more about those topics when he/she around you.

Flirting at work can be real fun but, would surely become a turn off if, you try to trespass his/her privacy. Here are some of the dos and don'ts for you to healthy flirting with colleagues.

Dos and Don'ts for Flirting at Work

  1. Don't try to intrude his/her personal matters. It is very unhealthy to make comments on your crush.

  2. Before moving ahead with your plans, ensure that the person is interested and equally open to flirting.

  3. Avoid cheap and belittling comments. Sarcasm would not be considered as flirting.

  4. Maintain the level of modesty with female co-workers and have gentleman's attitude.

  5. Understanding the temperament of the person is very important for this, therefore, keep the flirting light hearted.

  6. Talk more on common subjects rather boring other with your own interests.

  7. Don't try to boast yourself and be friendly.

  8. Don't be very pushy you might end up in harassment case.

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