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How to Date a Virgo Woman

So you seem to be one of those lucky guys who will spend some time with a Virgo female, because she doesn’t date any Tom, Dick and Harry. Keep these points in mind while you are out with her.

  1. First and foremost, remember that you are dating a perfectionist. So plan the date perfectly from beginning to the end, like the color of the car you bring to pick her up to the ribbon of the flower bouquet on the dinner table. Never be late. Virgo ladies like men who are organized and perfect executors.

  2. Choose a place which not very”loud” as your Virgo love interest hates noise. She hates anything shoddy. The food should be healthy and perfectly garnished. Dress up perfectly like a gentleman. Cleanliness is godliness for her. Pick an aesthetic and elegant gift for her like a classy scarf or a pair of designer shoes or business suit in a neutral color. Don’t ever buy a flashy or dazzling gift for her.

  3. Your Virgo soul mate is a person who gives attention to every detail, which people often do not notice. So while you are talking, keep your every movement, word or gestures under control. Remember she is constantly observing and evaluating you on that basis.

  4. This lady you are dating is extremely logical and analytical when it comes to –anything. You must approach her with logic. She is always into the thinking process and hence conversations must have some substance in it. Lame lines, fudging, gossiping are her turn offs. She hates fighting and heated arguments. Keep that in mind.

  5. She is particular about what you are from within. A flashy bank balance or a gorgeous car can’t lure her but your professional degrees definitely can. She herself is a woman of substance and looks for some substantial content in everything related to her life. Quality is preferred over quantity in this case-don’t forget.

  6. If you are interested to spend the entire life with her, patience is the only word. She is very dutiful and strongly attached to her work. She is a career oriented lady and never speak of detaching her from that, she will never be able to link with you. Respect her work and try to adjust. She will reciprocate the gesture with a bang.

  7. A Virgo female is usually shy and reserved. She will never make the first move and it is you who has to start the ice breaking session. Slowly and steadily you will see how this lady starts feeling comfortable within your arms.

  8. Don’t be vulgar or use slangs at anyone when you are with her. She will immediately start criticizing you and drop you from her good list. Never ever try to hold hands in public. She will curse you like hell. She doesn’t like everyone else to come to know about her love life.

If you have been able to grab the attention and love of a Virgo, then you must realize that you are just perfect! The sole reason being, Virgos fall for anything that is perfect in its true sense. People coming under this down to earth sun sign hate anything that is flashy, flamboyant or dramatic and are more interested in practical sides of the matters.

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