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How to Date a Virgo Man

If there is a certain Virgo man in your mind whom you like a lot, but are hesitant to move forward because he is picky and choosy, check these points on how to win over his heart:

  1. You need to take the initiative as his natural shyness will stop him from asking you for a date. He will give the lead and ask you to choose everything-from the restaurant to the food to the final ice-cream. Here lies the catch. While you are given the charge, make sure everything is picture perfect so that your “critic” counterpart does not get a chance to negative feedback.

  2. If you love prefer healthy and hygienic food, lead a disciplined life, have sensible thoughts and are caring, you will probably able to impress him. Tell him in case this relationship lasts longer you will be happy to clean the dishes with him or do household chores. Believe it or not, it will.

  3. You don’t need to be in an expensive evening gown, but your attire must be decent and elegant to catch the eye of a Virgo man. They do not like fashion clad women or those who wear loud makeup. Let him be smitten off by your natural beauty. Never try to show off or over expose yourself especially in public.

  4. The only thing that you can show off is your intellect. They like women who speak logically and think analytically. While conversing narrate intelligent anecdotes with humor added to them. You may not be the most beautiful women on earth but if you have brains, you have got your man.

  5. Virgo men dislike the larger the life projection of life. Speak practical, and remain down to earth, just like him. They like hardworking and stable women as their life partners and if you are not, then no need to flaunt your powerful credit card.

  6. A Virgo man treats woman equally. He is ready to take suggestions from you but no crying or playing mind games are smart options. Plan the future with him on the date and narrate your goals in life, he will analyze and give you better suggestions.

  7. If you are a party animal, then a Virgo man is a wrong choice. You need to calm and composed with great sensibility. A date for him is a serious affair, and he will analyze and criticize every bit and piece of it. That is why he doesn’t date only the person he feels he can live the rest of his life with.

  8. Your Virgo man is very choosy and doesn’t take anything and everything that comes his way. He will meticulously dissect it and count the pros and cons before coming to any major decision like love or marriage. Be prepared for that. But once he does, he will be there with you forever.

In a nutshell, if you are interested in a Virgo individual, you need to make the first move. They are the best partners if you are seeking for a long term relationship and stability in life.

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